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Migrants rebel! 200 people who were deported to Mexico are protesting mistreatment

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Migrants deported petition Mexico, Deportation- Migrantes, Deportación, Ciudad Juárez, Estados Unidos, México, MundoNOW
Deproted migrants protest in Mexico (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Deported migrants protest in Mexico.
  • They don’t want to be taken to Chiapas.
  • They accuse U.S. immigration authorities of abuse.

A group of migrants deported from the United States is protesting in Ciudad Juárez, demanding not to be transferred to Chiapas.

They accuse U.S. authorities of mistreatment, claiming their human rights were violated.

The protests occur amidst new standards for asylum applications and operations to curb migration between the two countries.

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Deported migrants protest in Mexico

Migrants, Deportation, Ciudad Juárez, United States, Mexico, Migrants deported petition Mexico

A group of about 200 migrants deported by the United States protested on Wednesday in front of the National Immigration Institute in Ciudad Juárez.

The protesters held the demonstration to avoid being transported in trucks to Chiapas, on Mexico’s southern border.

The migrants claimed that U.S. immigration officials restrained them with plastic ties under the pretense of taking them to another shelter in El Paso, Texas.

Instead, EFE reported that they were deported to Mexico via the Zaragoza-Ysleta bridge in Ciudad Juárez.

What are the protestors demanding?

National Institute of Migration, Protest, Chiapas, Southern Border, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

Manuel Ángel Morales Montemayor, a migrant from Venezuela, spoke to EFE regarding the protest.

He stated that they are demanding that Mexican authorities, instead of taking them to Chiapas, hand them over to their country’s embassy in Mexico.

«We want them to give us our belongings and bring the two missing buses of our families and colleagues.»

«And you get on the bus because of our companion who was beaten, so you can record his face,» the Venezuelan migrant said.

Are migrants being mistreated in the U.S.?

walking, Deception, Abuse, Human Rights, Refuge, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

Morales indicated that they had been locked in a shelter from which they could not leave. He said they weren’t allowed to bathe and only ate twice a day.

«They told us they were going to take us to another shelter to put a bracelet on us to go to Florida,» he said.

«Then, they deceived us, they expelled us, they did not deport us, they expelled us from the United States,» he continued.

When INM sends them to southern Mexico, he claimed, it’s a serious problem because they spend between $1,500 and $2,000 to get back to Juárez.

They have nothing left!

 Asylum, Shelter, Joe Biden, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Border Crossings, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

He also stated that in Venezuela their families have already sold everything — from cars to appliances — to fund the initial journey.

«We want human rights, we are human beings, we are not animals,» he asserted.

«Look how they practically have us imprisoned, they wanted to take us detained to Villahermosa (southeast Mexico) with our hands behind our backs, we had tied hands,» he emphasized.

On the other hand, he warned that the costs of crossing Mexico add to the danger of being kidnapped.

Migrants fear cartels and abuse

Photo: Shutterstock

«We cannot go back there because the cartels catch us,» declared the Venezuelan migrant.

«They take $2,000, $3,000 from us. Immigration touches women in their private parts,» Morales Montemayor added.

Jaider Manuel Zambrano Torres, who was also expelled on Wednesday morning through Juárez, said they were deceived by U.S. authorities.

“On April 7, we passed through Gate 40. We surrendered there and were there until last night, they told us they were going to move us to another shelter because there were too many people to process us,» he indicated.

Is Mexico working to stop immigration to the U.S.?

Migrants deported petition Mexico, Deportation- Migrantes, Deportación, Ciudad Juárez, Estados Unidos, México, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

The protests come following the new standards for requesting asylum announced this week by the U.S. government.

They are also protesting the increasing operations to stop migrants by Mexican authorities.

U.S. President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador agreed at the end of April «to work together to implement concrete measures immediately.»

They aim to «significantly reduce irregular border crossings while protecting human rights,» according to EFE.

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