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Mexican wrestler Tackle dies after several weeks in the hospital

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  • Sad news in the world of sports.
  • The passing of Mexican wrestler Tackle was announced.
  • Fernando Flores Rodríguez dedicated nearly 30 years of his life to the ‘sport of the Costalazos‘.

The world of wrestling is grieving. Yesterday afternoon, the passing of Mexican fighter Fernando Flores Rodríguez, better known as Tackle, was reported after several weeks of being hospitalized. The famous wrestler dedicated nearly 30 years of his life to the «sport of the costalazos

According to El siglo de Torreon, Fernando was first called Funebre Junior, and later, Tackle, a character that would lead him to fame in different arenas of the Mexican Republic. He alternated with the likes of LA Park, Último Guerrero and Jerry Estrada. May he rest in peace.

In his childhood Tackle carried suitcases for several fighters

In his childhood, Tackle came to carry the suitcases of several fighters
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In one of his interviews, Tackle recalled that, when he was just 12 years old, he carried suitcases for several fighters, including Stuka and Moro Primero, with whom he began his journey in the world of wrestling. Later, he trained with other popular wrestlers.

“I trained with Moro Primero, then with Stuka, Tony Rodríguez, Caballero Halcón, Pantera del Ring, Megatrón, Conflictus, people who, thank God, are still working. After years of training, I debuted as a professional wrestler at the Laguna Olympic Arena,” he said.

Famous wrestlers offer their condolences after Tackle’s passing

They express their condolences after the death of Tackle
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When the death of the Mexican wrestler Tackle was announced, it did not take long for various wrestling figures to offer their condolences. Many of them sent messages of encouragement and support to one of his sons, fellow wrestler Tackle Jr.

“My deepest condolences to the entire Flores family for this unfortunate loss. May God have you in his holy glory, my fat man,” said Minister Segundo Jr. Meanwhile, Guerrero Lagunero said: “My deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Tackle, he only got ahead on the road. My respects, gentleman of wrestling, may you rest in peace. I accompany you in your pain, my dear Tackle Junior and family.»

«I don’t like this news»

"I don't like this news"
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The farewell messages for Fernando Flores Rodríguez, better known as Tackle, who was hospitalized for several weeks, seemed endless: “My deepest condolences to the Flores Family, Tackle Junior, a big hug, fat man!! A gentleman left… May he rest in peace, my good Tackle. Fly high, my Tackle,” said fellow fighter Slaiyer.

Finally, we share the emotional message that Stuka Junior dedicated to his friend and colleague: “It hurts me deeply to share this, since we have known each other since we were children and went to train wrestling together at the El Ranchero gym, always looking out for each other. I remember that you debuted at the Laguna Olympic Arena and you told me that we were going to be very well known because you loved wrestling.»

He was a ‘neighborhood’ fighter

He was a 'neighborhood' fighter
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In an interview for El Siglo de Torreón in 2017, Fernando Flores Rodríguez shared that, after three years of fighting as Fúnebre Junior, he changed his name to Tackle, since he had a partner named Raiders (just like the NFL team) and wore “football-type” wrestling gear.

During his wanderings in this environment, he met his wife, with whom he had two sons who are also dedicated to wrestling: Tackle Junior and Bala de Plata Junior: “The four of us always tried to live together as a family and when I went to train, I had my kids, all the wrestlers met them and so they were invited to train, they liked it and now they are professionals.” he said.

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