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Man is swept over Niagara Falls and drowns (VIDEO)

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  • Terrible accident in Niagara Falls.
  • Man drowned in the falls.
  • Tourists watch frightening fall.

An impressive video on ViralHog is going viral around the world. The shocking video shows how a man is dragged over Niagara Falls by the water’s powerful current. Thousands of tourists witnessed the terrible moment.

People visiting the popular tourist attraction were horrified by the inexplicable images of a man being swept over Niagara Falls to his death.

Man is swept over Niagara Falls

Man is swept over Niagara Falls
PHOTO: ViralHog video capture

In the first segment of this horrifying video, we see a panorama of the Niagara Falls nature reserve, located in the northeastern part of North America, located between Canada and the United States.

Thousands of tourists visit the falls every year to enjoy an impressive view, guided tours, incredible photographs or simply to relax. However, the visitors who were there that day did not imagine what they would see.

No one had noticed the terrible accident

Terrible accident
PHOTO: ViralHog video capture

While one of the tourists was recording the strong current carried by Niagara Falls, what appeared to be a man being dragged down the waterfall came across his shot. So he immediately started shouting to alert the other tourists to the situation.

Most of them did not understand what he was saying, because the pressure in the Falls was so great that the man was swept along so quickly that it made it impossible for them to keep track of where he was.

They lost sight of him

cascading tragedy
PHOTO: ViralHog video capture

Hoping to be able to help or do something about this tragedy, the video shows how some tourists begin to run in the direction of the man who is being dragged, reaching the fence that functions as a limit and protection.

However, only a few seconds later they lost sight of him completely, as it can be seen how the man disappears before their eyes in the great cluster of falls. There was no possibility of helping or rescuing him.

Possible suicide attempt

possible suicide
PHOTO: ViralHog video capture

Finally, after failing to locate the man and not understanding what happened, you can hear in the video how questions begin to be raised about what could have happened or how he had gotten there.

The answers varied, however, one in common theory came up. Everything indicated that it was a possible suicide attempt, since people in depression often go to Niagara Falls to end their lives.

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