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Marked for life? Maluma shows the wounds from a dog bite on his face (PHOTOS)

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  • Maluma shows wounds from a dog bite.
  • He alarms his followers after showing them his face.
  • The Colombian singer says that his pet wasn’t being aggressive.

Maluma shows Doberman bite. Social media always has something new to offer and there is not a day when you can’t find interesting new content. Everyone loves to hear about celebrities and Mundo Hispánico keeps our readers up-to-date on what’s happening in show business.

This time, a popular Colombian singer has alarmed his followers after sharing pictures of an accident he had. We are talking about Maluma, who shocked his fans after announcing what happened to him.

Maluma shows the bite marks his doberman left on his face

Maluma shows doberman wounds
Photo: Twitter

The singer shared the mishap he had with his Doberman on Instagram stories. Those stories can no longer be seen on his account but, luckily, the official Gossip No Like Twitter account has the images that the popular singer shared with his followers.

According to Gossip No Like’s post, he was attacked this weekend by a Doberman named Buddha. In fact, the singer was attacked by his own dog and it left some wounds on his face. Maluma got this dog a year ago.

Maluma’s Doberman is named Buddha

Maluma shows doberman wounds
Photo: Twitter

Buddha left some wounds near Maluma’s left eye and on his forehead. The wounds of the singer who is currently promoting the movie Marry Me with Jennifer Lopez caught his followers’ attention after they noticed that the Colombian performer’s face was marked. Of course, everyone wondered what had happened.

Maluma immediately explained : «I’m going to tell you what happened to me. The sad reality is that Buddha bit me but he was frightened, not being aggressive. You know, so you can learn, animals are very loyal, but you have to be very careful. He didn’t do it because he’s bad. Nothing happened. I love him as if nothing had happened.» Filed As: Maluma shows Doberman wounds.

He has wounds on his forehead and near his left eye

Maluma shows doberman wounds
Photo: Twitter

The Hawaii singer made it clear that, despite the accident he suffered with his dog, his love for Buddha hasn’t changed one bit. He’s very affectionate with him and during the explanation on his Instagram story, he said that he loves his dog very much regardless of what happened.

At the end of the clip, the Colombian singer said that he was going to film a video so he was going to have to cover the wounds that his Doberman left on his forehead and near his left eye with a little makeup to prevent them from being noticeable. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Buddha arrived at Maluma’s house last April

Buddha arrived in April last year
Photo: Twitter

The Colombian singer’s dog joined the family last April, according to Hola!. The magazine also said that he shares Maluma’s affection and love with his brothers Bonnie and Clyde, two Siberian Huskies. Buddha is a Doberman.

Maluma shows off the great love he feels for each of his pets on social media. Hola! shared that Buddha, the dog that attacked the singer, has made his debut as a model after posing next to his owner for Versace’s upcoming spring-summer 2022 campaign. Filed As: Maluma shows Doberman wounds.

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