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Laura Bozzo reappears on social media and misses her daughter’s wedding

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  • After a federal judge suspended the arrest warrant against her, Laura Bozzo reappears on social media.
  • The Peruvian tv host was accused of tax fraud for the alleged sale of a property seized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT).
  • As if that were not enough, the tv host also missed the wedding of her daughter Victoria de la Fuente Bozzo.

Will she return to television soon? After a federal judge suspended the arrest warrant against her, Laura Bozzo, accused of tax fraud for the alleged sale of a property seized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), reappears on social media. However, she missed the wedding of her daughter, Victoria de la Fuente Bozzo.

Yesterday, the 69-year-old Peruvian tv host posted an image to her official Instagram account, where she has more than 650 thousand followers and had been inactive since last August 7, the approximate date when she “disappeared” from the public eye.

“Don’t go back to my country,” users attack Laura Bozzo

"Do not return to my country", users attack Laura Bozzo with everything
Instagram photo

In what was her last social media post up until now, Laura Bozzo confessed that she loved her program and that she would fight the trafficking of women. Despite her good intentions, her followers attacked her when it was discovered that the authorities were looking for her for tax fraud.

“Please, don’t go back to my country, we already have too many public scourges,” “Now you’re no longer sick, right?” “Miss Rocío, give yourself up.” “Escape, Laura, hahaha.” “The thief.” “Madam, don’t be ridiculous, why do you always include the virgin? Don’t hide behind religion.” “Thief.”

Laura Bozzo’s “good times”

Laura Bozzo's 'good times'
Instagram photo

In a series of images shared on her official Instagram account, the Peruvian tv host can be seen with several personalities, including host Galilea Montijo, with whom she struck up a friendship when they worked in the first season of Las estrellas bailan on the program Hoy.

“Thank you @galileamontijo congratulations on your 10 years of marriage, you won the lottery with Fer, have a happy day @andy_escalona my princess, I adore you, it’s been years since I danced so much.” According to the information from El Heraldo de México, the Peruvian host wrote the following to Gali on social media: “Honey. See you soon. I miss you.”

“Post a photo of Interpol looking for you”; the attacks against the Peruvian host continue

"Upload a photo of the interpol red card looking for you", the attacks against the Peruvian driver continue
Instagram photo

A controversial woman who does not go unnoticed, Laura Bozzo has both admirers and detractors. The latter took advantage of the fact that the television presenter was missing to attack her, as in the post she shared in which she is accompanied by the renowned Mexican actress and host Verónica Castro.

“Post a photo of Interpol looking for you.” “Pay SAT.” “Old and ugly!!! Laura Bozzo a hypocrite.” “Mexico doesn’t want you ugly old woman, no country loves you, go f… yourself, Laura ass…!!!” “Hopefully you’ll never return to Mexico.” “Laura Bozzo, apart from being a thief, is a bitch.”

Laura Bozzo reappeared in the least expected way

Laura Bozzo reappears in the least expected way
Instagram photo

As mentioned above, Laura Bozzo reappeared yesterday on social media. She shared an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, both in her profile photo and in her stories, but without words. According to reports from Radio Fórmula, the host is already scheduled to return to television.

According to information from journalist Marco Antonio Silva, Laura will return in April or May next year, although everything seems to indicate that it would not be on Televisa, where she had her program on the Unicable channel. We will have to wait for the Peruvian host’s next move.

She missed her daughter’s wedding

You miss your daughter's wedding
Instagram photo

“As for what my mother is going through, I believe faithfully in the Mexican authorities. I am sure that soon she will be able to clarify all that situation.” This is what Victoria de la Fuente Bozzo told People en Español at her wedding with Adam Ayers, a celebration in which her mother, Laura Bozzo, was not present.

About how she felt that her mother could not be present on this special date, Victoria commented: “Those are two different things. For one thing, marriage was always something we wanted to do alone. Then we can have a party or an anniversary where we are going to invite the family and hopefully my mother, my sister, his family can be there.”

Laura Bozzo must pay money to avoid jail

Laura Bozzo must pay money to free jail
Photo Reform Agency

A federal judge indefinitely suspended the arrest warrant against the Peruvian host Laura Bozzo in the case of the alleged sale of a property seized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and with which she had a guaranteed tax debt of 12,760,071 pesos.

The Ninth District Judge in Toluca, Juan Miguel Ortiz Marmolejo, granted the television presenter the definitive suspension against the arrest warrant as long as she covers a guarantee of 2,600,000 pesos to keep the said judicial protection in force.

The Peruvian host will have to hand over her passport

They will ask the Peruvian driver to hand over her passport
Photo Reform Agency

“The definitive suspension is granted under the following terms: Because it is certain that the offender is accused … it does not merit informal preventive detention, while the amount of the original matter is known from the previous report rendered by the responsible judicial authority. The effects of the concession are so that things remain in the state they are currently and the complainant is not deprived of her personal liberty,” the judge ruled.

Ortiz specifies that this judicial protection is subject to three conditions: that Laura Bozzo will pay the guarantee of 2.6 million within five days, that she will appear before the judge in charge of her process in three days, and that she will surrender her passport in the same period. The presenter is accused of the crime of unfaithful depository because she presumably sold her house in Huixquilucan, State of Mexico, which was seized by the SAT (with information from Agencia Reforma).

Leaked audio in which “Laura Bozzo breaks the silence”

Are they asking to be removed from Mexico and Televisa? Laura Bozzo audios are revealed where 'she does not remain silent'
Photo Reform Agency

The Gossip No Like program leaked a recording on social media where Laura Bozzo, who is currently a fugitive from justice for tax evasion, attacks Televisa, claiming that she wanted to return to Telemundo. She also begain talking about the situation that Adamari López faced after suffering from cancer.

In the recording, which can be found on the program’s YouTube account, the Peruvian host can be heard saying, “please get her out of Mexico,” and asking to be hired again on the Hispanic network Telemundo.

Does she have political protection in Mexico?

Do you have political protection in Mexico?
Photo Reform Agency

Javier Ceriani reported that Laura Bozzo was not really having a bad time in her “search for justice” they weren’t going to destroy her career, since the Argentine journalist affirmed that she was in Acapulco, enjoying “her political friends” who were giving her shelter and protection:

“Laura is not having a bad time, Laura is having a good time. The people of Acapulco say that she’s sunbathing and ordering seafood, the most expensive, for delivery. Laura has not stopped having a good time. Her political friends from Acapulco have shielded her, and Laura is untouchable. She will get ahead, we are not destroying her, she has political protection in Mexico.”

Laura asked to be taken out of Mexico and Televisa

Ask to be removed from Mexico and Televisa
Photo Reform Agency

However, the bomb would drop once the program plays a recording in which Laura Bozzo allegedly spoke with a contact to ask if she could get her a job at Telemundo while also attacking some of the executives of the Mexican network Televisa:

“They treat me worse than trash on Televisa, I have told sh#% right now to Balcancer, I have told all of them to $% #, I’m really fed up, can you please find out? I wish I could return to Telemundo, I swear to you. I pray to the Virgin of Guadalupe on my knees,” Laura Bozzo allegedly commented in the recording released by Gossop No Like.

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