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WOW! Photos of Laura Bozzo as a young woman and wearing a bikini

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  • This is what Laura Bozzo looked like as a young woman.
  • Unrecognizable? Laura Bozzo posed in a bikini..
  • Her journey on La Casa de los Famosos.

Miss Laura just turned 70 on August 19, and many fans congratulated her on her social media, highlighting her most iconic moments on Mexican television and remembering how the former contestant on La Casa de los Famosos was in her youth.

Despite the fact that the famous lawyer has always been harshly criticized for her physical appearance and that strong personality that characterizes her so much, there are many people who have great affection for her appreciating her for her positive acts of charity and also, for the laughs she has given us more than once.

Who is Laura Bozzo?

Photos Laura Bozzo
PHOTO: Instagram

Laura Cecilia Bozzo Rotondo, nicknamed “Miss Laura” for popularizing the phrase “¡Qué pase el desgraciado!” is a television presenter and lawyer of Mexican and Italian heritage. In 2009, Laura Bozzo came to live in Mexico and, in June of that same year, she premiered her program Laura de todos.

The star of the program Laura en América ​​has been involved in various scandals with other entertainment figures, in addition to being criticized for receiving an honorary degree from a university. Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Photos

Photos of Miss Laura in a bikini

Photos Laura Bozzo
PHOTO: Instagram

Recently, some images of the Peruvian lawyer when she was young were released and she looks completely unrecognizable. Many people were surprised by how she looked as a young woman. These photos were immediately shared by many users and got many reactions.

In some photos where she’s wearing a bikini people were impressed by good she looked. These photos were shared on Instagram by by Tribuna Sonora. Wearing an incredible swimsuit, posing very sensually on the beach, Laura Bozzo looked quite beautiful. “Wow how beautiful.” “We love you Laura.” “You are the favorite.” “How beautiful she looked when she was young.” “Completely unrecognizable,” among many other comments made by her fans. Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Photos

One of the favorites of the Telemundo reality show

PHOTO: Instagram

Laura Bozzo became a star on La Casa de los Famosos 2. For better or worse her incidents and outbursts captured the public’s attention. Although she was hated by many, she really generated impressive ratings for the Telemundo reality show.

Many expected the Peruvian lawyer to succeed, as she was one of the finalists of La Casa de los Famosos. When she was expelled, Laura’s reaction gave people a lot to talk about and made people laugh as she insisted she wanted to be “free”. Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Photos

Laura Bozzo apologized to Ivonne Montero

PHOTO: Instagram

One of Laura’s moments that generated the most controversy was her lawsuit against the Mexican actress Yvonne Montero, to whom she recently apologized. “No one can judge what it is like to be locked up for three months, leaving your job, your daughters, your life and where obviously the imaginary plays a horrible role for you because I was the first to congratulate Ivonne Montero when she entered the house and told her that her fight as a mother was also my fight. I have a serious personality problem that I detected at home, I am one of those people who screams when she wants to cry. I am Laura the warrior so I can not show that weak side … ,” she said.

But later she justified her tendency to insult and shout with personal insecurities: “What do I do when they hurt me? I scream, but those offenses are nothing more than the pain in my heart for having been such a bullied girl when I was little. Then nobody knows anything and there is no need to judge… Ivonne, I am proud of you and your work, of Antonella, May God bless you and the best for you,” said Laura Bozzo. Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Photos

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