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Woman’s third arrest for trespassing at Walmart

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Kimberly Janine Thieschafer Spivey arrested at Walmart (Photo: Sumter County Sheriff's Office)
  • Kimberly Janine Thieschafer Spivey may be obsessed with Walmart.
  • She was banned from the store.
  • Spivey was arrested for trespassing.

Kimberly Janine Thieschafer Spivey ended up behind bars after being banned from Walmart.

She was told not to return to the store in Sumter County, Florida.

The 52-year-old has an extensive police record that includes more than 20 arrests, mostly for theft.

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Obsessed with Walmart?

Kimberly Janine Thieschafer Spivey, walmart, trespassing, arrest, crime
Photo: Shutterstock

Kimberly Janine Thieschafer Spivey was banned from entering the Walmart store in Buffalo Ridge Plaza in The Villages;

The court order dates back to 2022, however, employees have been on alert in case she comes back.

Nearly two years passed before Spivey returned to the store.

However, she was immediately recognized, even though she hid her face behind a surgical mask.

Kimberly Janine Thieschafer Spivey was banned from Walmart

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PHOTO Shutterstock

That afternoon, Spivey was sporting a black long-sleeved shirt, white pajama pants and sandals.

Although she looked different, employees identified her, followed her through the store and asked for help from authorities as she was leaving.

Police arrived at the establishment around 5:30 on Tuesday, March 12.

The officers found Spivey leaving the store and getting into a blue SUV. They stopped her in the parking lot.

Spivey was trespassing

Kimberly Janine, obsession, theft, chain
PHOTO Shutterstock

In the brief conversation, police reminded Spivey of her history of theft and that she was banned from returning to the store.

She said she thought the ban was only for one year, according to the arrest warrant.

Nonetheless, she was arrested for trespassing.

According to police records, Spivey only spent a few hours in jail. It is unknown if she posted bail or was released for another reason.

Her criminal history

Kimberly Janine Thieschafer Spivey, arrest, trespassing, crime, walmart

PHOTO: Shutterstock

Before her most recent arrest, Kimberly Janine Thieschafer Spivey had been nabbed at this Walmart store twice before.

The first was in 2020 and the second in 2022, which resulted in the ban.

On February 6, 2020, she was arrested for petty theft at the store.

Four months later a judge found her guilty and sentenced her to five months in prison. She was released on July 6 of the same year.

Store employees recognized Kimberly Janine Thieschafer Spivey right away

Kimberly Janine Thieschafer Spivey, Walmart, arrest, crime
Photo: Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

About two years later, Spivey was back on the stand, this time accused of felony charges of petit larceny, possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal trespass.

She only spent five months in prison. Her history of theft, according to police records, extends throughout the country.

She always has the same modus operandi: stealing items from stores.

The amounts and type of merchandise are varied. She has not been arrested for each offense.

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