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Kim Kardashian vs Kylie Jenner: Who has the better skincare line?

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  • Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian?
  • Find out who has the better skincare line.
  • An expert gives tips for choosing the best products.

KYLIE JENNER VS. KIM KARDASHIAN? If you are one of those people who love to try new skincare products, you should stop for a moment and check out the following recommendations. Since Kylie Jenner launched various skin care products, doubts have arisen about their effectiveness and how good they are compared to the line that her sister, Kim Kardashian, recently released.

Both women have set the standard when it comes to fashion and skincare, so an expert on this topic tried products from both lines and shared which she thought was better and why. Find out which ones stood out.

Kim Kardashian vs. Kylie Jenner

Photo: Instagram

Since the launch of both skincare brands, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian’s products have been compared on everything from price to packaging and, most importantly, efficacy. On this occasion, a skin care expert took on the task of comparing which products are better.

One of the first parameters that Carly Stern took into account was shipping and the method of purchase. The expert told The Sun that one of the main points in favor was the shipping. She says that she ordered both Kim’s SKKN and Kylie Cosmetics products on the same day, Tuesday, June 21. She ended up paying an extra $20 on expedited delivery for Kim’s. Is that excessive?

Which facial item is better?

Kylie Jenner skincare: Which facial item is better?
Photo: Instagram

One of the first products she tried  was SKKN’s least expensive item, which is the $43 cleanser that was on sale. Stern pointed out that with little product she managed to make a lot of foam and only needed a small pump of the creamy liquid to wash her entire face, which like, according to The Sun.

While with Kylie Cosmetics, she tried the foam face wash that costs only $24 and went on more or less the same, although it was foamier than the previous one. Stern noted that if shoppers expect a signature scent from both sisters’ products, they’ll be disappointed, since they have no aroma. Both products did their job, but neither was better than the other. Filed Under: Kylie Jenner skincare

A good scrub?

A good scrub?
Photo: Instagram

Another of the products from the sister’s lines that she tried was Kim Kardashian’s $55 scrub that was the only product in the group that had an enchanting floral aroma. This one had a thicker consistency and became like a balm. The product contains a practical metal spoon the size of an ice cream taster.

The expert said that her skin felt lighter after using it, something that she loved. On the other hand, Kylie’s Walnut Face Scrub, just $22, came out of a tube and felt the same on her skin. However, it didn’t have the same smooth finish that she experienced with Kim Kardashian’s product.

A good hyaluronic acid?

A good hyaluronic acid?
Photo: Instagram

Hyaluronic acid is a trend in skincare, so the expert was excited to try what both brands offered in this regard. Kim Kardashian’s product, without a doubt, must be amazing since it costs $90 ($77 for a refill), while the Kylie Cosmetics serum is $28.

Although she does not specify which product is better, she does say that she does not think there is a big difference despite the exorbitant cost of Kim Kardashian’s brand. Carly declares that she would go for Kylie’s product and save $62.

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