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The day Jenni Rivera was told they would kill her just hours before her accident

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  • Nine years after the death of Jenni Rivera.
  • Mysterious video causes commotion.
  • Was Jenni’s death planned?

On December 9, the Mexican singer will celebrate a mournful anniversary. Because of this the rumors about the death of Jenni Rivera have resumed. Let’s go back a bit in time, three years ago, on November 20 to be exact, a video was circulating on YouTube about the concert that the late singer gave in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León.

In the video, the singer is seen wearing a completely black outfit. Could it be a sign that her family would soon be in mourning? Jenni Rivera performed the song «Paloma Negra» with a glass of wine in her hand and as she always did, she sang the melody with great feeling.

«Today she’ll be killed» the phrase that can be heard in the video

They warn Jenni Rivera's death
Photo: Screenshot YouTube

During the Mexican singer’s performance, her fans enjoyed the concert and sang along with her during each of her songs. Jenni always looked for a way to make the audience feel as if they were on stage singing with her.

Suddenly, after posting the video of the concert of La Diva de la Banda a male voice was heard. The voice had a nervous and disturbing tone, «Today she’ll be killed,» the man shouted during Jenni Rivera’s concert, but none of the spectators close to him paid any attention.

The disturbing video announcing Jenni Rivera’s death.

They warn Jenni Rivera's death
Photo: Screenshot YouTube

In the video, the performer is seen singing and just when she pauses briefly, waiting for the next verse of the song to start, the man shouts the phrase. Because of the shouts and applause of the singer’s fans, it was completely impossible for them to hear what the man shouted.

Could it be that this guy was involved in what would be the tragic death of La Diva de la Banda? It is completely unknown who could have been the one who gave that «warning» at Jenni’s concert but, coincidence or not, after the concert Jenni Rivera suffered the tragic accident. Filed Under: Jenni Rivera Death Warned

Jenni Rivera refused to travel alone due to alleged death threats and asked her brother to accompany her

They warn Jenni Rivera's death
Photo: Screenshot YouTube

Although it is not known if the video’s audio was manipulated, it has reached over 81 thousand views and has thousands of comments as faithful fans of La Diva de la Banda learn of the terrifying phrase shouted by a man during her performance.

«It makes my skin crawl», «you can see the overlap.» «Here she sang with everything she had because she already knew that at any moment they were going to crush her.» «I don’t think it was a coincidence.» «That scream is not real.» These are some of the comments that appear in the video.

True or false, the famous video created controversy on the Internet. It warns of Jenni Rivera’s death.

True or false, the famous video that created many doubts in Internet users
Photo: Screenshot YouTube

Many viewers of the video believe what the man says is completely false, because they think that the video was manipulated and someone added the voice during editing… But it is almost impossible for the man’s voice to perfectly match the background noise because the voice is almost drowned out by the sound of music as well as the shouts and applause of the people.

Other Internet users confirm that the man never shouted, «today she’ll be killed,» but that it was simply a fan yelling at her, «Hi gorgeous.» And of course, with all of the noise during Jenni’s performance, the voice of the guy who attended the concert was a bit distorted.

Did Jenni Rivera anticipate that she was going to die?

Did Jenni Rivera already anticipate that she was going to die?
Photo: Instagram

Jenni’s expression during her concert shocked many, as it showed fear, as well as sadness and concern. They combined the perfect shots after announcing that a guy shouted that disturbing phrase, because when he saw La Diva he said everything and it seemed that she already knew that she was going to die.

Another thing that amazed her followers was the way she performed each of her songs, because Jenni put much more feeling in each performance, more than she used to sing at her concerts. According to the fans, the Mexican singer was leaving everything on stage in a very peculiar way, since she had already received threats before and knew that at any moment the worst could happen.

The tragic event that ended Jenni Rivera’s life

The tragic event that ended the life of Jenni Rivera
Photo: Instagram

The singer died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012. The ninth anniversary of her death is approaching. It happened when she was heading to the Federal District that is currently the CDMX after having given a concert at La Arena Monterrey. A fragment of the concert was published on Youtube on December 16, 2012, but it was not until November 2018 that the alleged warning of the death of La Diva came to light.

Whether or not it is true someone warned the Mexican singer about her death, it is a tragic moment that will always be marked in the hearts of her followers, because they still remain faithful to Jenni Rivera and will never cease to be her biggest fans. Filed Under: Jenni Rivera Death Warned.

This is what is known about the end of La Diva de la banda

This is what is known about the end of La Diva de la banda
Photo: Instagram

The Lear Jet that crashed did not have a black box, since it was built in 1969, when laws did not make it mandatory for such small craft. It was announced that she had been threatened with death on several occasions until the day she died. The evidence, however, is flimsy: a tweet or the idea that she beefed up her security the day before the flight.

The plane was not her property, but she was planning to buy it. The owner was Cristian Esquino Núñez, a businessman accused of tax evasion and illegal trafficking of aircraft parts and forgery of licenses. Five companions traveled with Jenni Rivera, among them her publicist Arturo Rivera and Jacob Yebale. The latter’s family filed a claim for compensation, which was unsuccessful when the authorities’ investigation ruled that, «it was inconclusive.»

Chain of errors that led to Jenni Rivera’s death are discovered

Chains of errors that led to the death of Jenni Rivera are discovered
Photo: Instagram

Among the errors mentioned in that department’s report is that the 78-year-old pilot of the aircraft had passed the age limit for manning an overloaded Lear Jet, as happened on the day of the accident. At the same time, they stated that the co-pilot was too young – he was 21 years old – and he did not have a license to pilot that aircraft.

In addition, the Lear Jet 25 was 43 years old and, according to the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT), the company that owned the plane did not allow reports of issues made by pilots who used the plane to be noted in the flight log. One of the reported failures was that the aircraft was «misaligned» and vibrated upon reaching cruising speed.

«La Barbie» El Chapo Guzmán worker alleged suspect in the brutal end of Jenni Rivera

"The barbie" El Chapo Guzmán worker
Photo: Instagram

The arrest of drug trafficker Alfredo Villarreal «La Barbie» gave rise to another story: that El Chapo Guzmán, for whom La Barbie worked, ordered her murder. Since the fight between the Sinaloa cartel and the Zetas, Guzmán had ordered that no singer close to the Sinaloa cartel should appear in Monterrey, where the Zetas had consolidated their control. And according to a statement from La Barbie, Jenni Rivera was part of that circle of artists that used to perform at the parties of the cartel members.

So this triggers more questions and doubts about the death of the Mexican singer. Had Barbie gone undercover to La Diva’s concert and was he the one who screamed the disturbing phrase? Perhaps everything was planned and the alleged suspect would have to do with whatever caused her plane to crash.

Feeling? Jenni Rivera gives the media a phrase that causes an uproar

media phrase that causes impact
Photo: Instagram

«Tomorrow I’m going to be news,» said La Diva as she performed, regal as always, on the stage of the Arena Monterrey on December 8, 2012. That was the night before she tragically died in a plane crash. The artist uttered that mysterious phrase when she realized that media was covering the show, which was attended by 17,000 people. It would eventually become the last presentation of the beloved Diva de la Banda.

According to international media that were at the performance, Rivera was fully enjoying the music to the fullest, being the center of attention of thousands and thousands of people who gathered at La Arena Monterrey to worship her. She sang with all her heart, she cried, she smiled, she sang to heaven, she thanked God. The next day, the artist died.

Jenni Rivera’s spirit is captured at her funeral

Jenni Rivera's spirit is captured at her funeral
Photo: Instagram

It was through Univisión’s Primer Impacto program, that after a live broadcast, a reporter interviewed several residents who found the scene of the tragedy and notified the authorities so they could attempt a rescue.

Now, the video of the supposed spirit of Jenni Rivera, lasts just over 30 seconds. It was published by YouTube user Ángel Ramírez and has more than 50 thousand views, hundreds of likes and several comments at the time of writing this article. In the recording, a part of the emotional funeral of Jenni Rivera is seen. Filed Under: Jenni Rivera Death Warned.

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