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Immigration raid sparks panic in Florida

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Raid in Florida, undocumented immigrants, immigration, operation- Redada, Florida, indocumentados, inmigración, operativo
Immigration raid in Florida (Photo: TikTok: Guillermo Jaramillo)
  • Immigration raid in Florida sparks panic.
  • Immigrants were detained by ICE.
  • Will there be more raids?

Panic gripped a community near Stuart, Florida.

Immigration agents conducted a daylight raid, detaining over a dozen men.

This occurred at a «gas station where many Hispanics wait for work,» a witness reported to MundoNow.

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Surprise immigration raid in Florida captured on video

police, Border Patrol, ICE, operation, crime, Raid in Florida
Photo: TikTok: Guillermo Jaramillo

«Immigration is here!» a witness is heard saying in a video that captured part of the operation.

Federal agents dressed in civilian clothes, and using unmarked vehicles, attempted to apprehend immigrants waiting at the gas station for work.

Upon seeing the officers, some froze, others ran in panic and one even managed to break free from the agents and flee.

«The incident has generated a lot of fear in the community,» said ‘Raúl,’ as we’ll call one of the witnesses who agreed to speak with us on the condition of anonymity.

People in Florida are scared

Raid, Florida, undocumented immigrants, immigration, operation
Photo: TikTok: Guillermo Jaramillo

Raúl said that since the raid that occurred on March 28, many people have stopped going to that place to look for work, fearing they will be captured by ICE.

We contacted the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to verify what happened.

One of their spokespeople confirmed the operation to MundoNow but stated that they were merely there to provide support to the Border Patrol, who led the raid.

«The United States Border Patrol  — Miami Sector, along with partners from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), conducted a planned enforcement action near Stuart, Florida,» explained a spokesperson.

The immigration raid in Florida occurred at a bus stop

Raid, Florida, undocumented immigrants, immigration, operation
Photo: TikTok: Guillermo Jaramillo

«It resulted in the arrest of 14 non-citizens,» the Border Patrol spokesperson told MundoNow.

The federal agency asserted that this is part of their work to ensure that «joint efforts continue to target and apprehend priority offenders of U.S. immigration laws.»

According to immigrant rights activist Jeanette Vizguerra, «Arrests have been happening across the country. The arrests have not stopped.»

«Supposedly, they focus on specific individuals who have criminal records, but the truth is there’s collateral damage; they arrest others too. This only generates fear,» she explains.

ICE and Border Patrol conducted a joint operation

legal battle, law, undocumented, patrol, officers
Photo: TikTok: Guillermo Jaramillo

Vizguerra emphasizes that «it’s not surprising that this is happening in Florida.»

«Moreover, we are in an election year, and in Florida, things are becoming increasingly difficult for the immigrant community.»

Immigration attorney Jonathan Shaw explains that, according to the U.S. Constitution, the Border Patrol can legally conduct these types of operations anywhere within 100 miles of the U.S. borders.

«If we’re talking about a raid in Florida, they are within 100 miles of a border,» he said.

Increasingly strict laws are being passed

ICE Agent, Migra, USA, Immigrants, MundoNOW
Photo: ICE

«But also, if immigration officers suspect someone is violating a law, they can ask questions. Normally, they should not be investigating or asking for documents elsewhere,» adds Shaw.

The fact is that since anti-immigrant law SB-1718 went into effect in July, there has been concern in the community.

Some immigrants say they feel that the state has become unsafe for them.

Moreover, there are fewer opportunities for those whose immigration status is uncertain.

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