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How to sell on ebay: 15 tips for making extra cash

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Start earning extra income with ebay! This platform is your opportunity to start a path today towards entrepreneurship quickly and in a very profitable way. Here are some aspects that will improve your experience as a seller and help you connect with more people to create a loyal customer base for your products. Learn how to sell more with eBay!

Include free 30-day returns

The perception that visitors have of your shop will be a decisive step in attracting potential clients. The more quality they find in what you offer, the easier it will be for them to trust you. Offering free returns within a period of no more than 30 days will give your future buyers the certainty that their money will be safe and that you, as a seller, fully trust the quality of the product.

Solicit feedback from your customers

How to sell on ebay

E-commerce experts have analyzed the behavior of sellers and buyers, reaching the conclusion that the opinions of the latter can make the difference in increasing sales. This is due to two main factors; first potential customers have greater certainty about the quality of the product and, second because a certain number of opinions helps to position the seller, creating more visits to their page.

Write attractive descriptions of your products

The sale of any product must be accompanied by an attractive title, accompanied by a reliable and truthful description of the product. Choose the tone that you have to use in your ads and analyze the behavior of your customers to know if their response is positive or if you need to make changes in the descriptions.

Buy and sell items with high-quality photos

How to sell on ebay

Just like catchy titles, keywords, and creating a customer review section, good photos will give the customer help to decide whether to buy your product. As a seller you can be sure that investing in a high-resolution photo will be an asset to customers, who will ultimately be able to compare the product description with the photo to make a final decision.

Use tags and keywords

Using catchy keywords, tags, and descriptions will help a seller’s products appear at the top of search results, which will undoubtedly increase sales potential. The seller should consider writing attractive titles and reliable and easy-to-verify descriptions that fully correspond to the product being promoted.

Confirm that the purchase process is safe for your products

How to sell on ebay

Online shopping offers great benefits, both for customers and sellers, however they also present some risks in terms of the quality of the products and the security of payments. It is best to have a verified purchase process in which you disclose information such as your name, the types of products you offer, the successful sales you have made and the time you have been selling online.

Offer one new product a day

As a seller you have the option of creating a virtual store where you offer a certain number of products. A large inventory that helps customers choose the product they want, although this is not always the best option. Some experts say that it is best to release one product a day. This way visitors to your page will discover little by little the products you offer and you will not be left with an excess of inventory.

Start with low prices on products


A selling strategy that has been used by the most successful sellers on ebay is to offer low prices at the beginning of their sales. This will attract more customers and increase the number of transactions made. Although it is a technique that does not promise immediate results, it is a good way to create a connection with the public so that they get to know a brand and know that it is reliable throughout its sales process.

Offering free shipping attracts customers

Today in some businesses shipments tend to have an extremely high price, which often prevents a sales transaction from being completed on e-commerce platforms. The answer? Free shipping! Experienced sellers say that this strategy has been able to attract a higher number of visitors who when considering and comparing the options available to them, tend to be inclined to make a purchase when the shipping is free.

Share your products on social media


Take advantage of the tools offered by social media to promote your business on ebay. Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok are great places to describe your products and build customer loyalty. The more you share your products on social media, the more visits you will receive to your virtual store. This will influence the number of monthly sales that allowing you to generate that extra income you want.

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