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How to reduce your electricity bill: 10 ways to save money fast

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In the United States, the average electricity bill is $115 per month, but this figure can vary depending on the town, the number of devices in the house, and their usage.

There are some ways to reduce your electricity bill to save money and promote environment-friendly habits.

Learn 10 ways to save money fast!

1. Check the ducts

Carry out a thorough review of the ventilation ducts, air conditioning, and cooling systems, which could mean the difference between paying a high electric rate or paying as low as possible. Ensure the good condition of your ducts, and proceed to repair all leaks. In this way, you will guarantee that the performance of your equipment is optimal and that its use fulfills the function for which it was designed.

2. Use energy-saving devices

washing machine using power to run
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Thanks to technological innovations, it is becoming easier to reduce energy consumption through devices designed to save energy, such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators. For example, an Energy Star–certified dishwasher offers water savings of up to 6.5 gallons per wash cycle. Experts recommend investing in efficient equipment that has a greater use at home.

3. Change your bulbs

The installation of light level dimmer switches, as well as energy-saving LED or fluorescent light bulbs, save up to $75 dollars on your annual electricity bill. Although it may seem like small savings per year, this will be added to the adoption of other energy consumption habits, which in the long term will result in considerably lower electric energy bills.

4. Invest in an audit to know where the energy is going

an electric power meter
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If in recent months or years you have noticed a considerable increase in your electricity bill, you may need specialized advice from your electricity supplier. The providers usually give personalized advice, often free, in which they will help you identify the usage and consumption habits that impact your bill.

5. Adjust the temperature of your water heater

Water heaters usually have a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, or 60 degrees Celsius. However, modifying this factory setting will reduce your energy cost significantly. This is another way to save on your electricity bill. Simply reduce the temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, or 49 degrees Celsius, to reduce the cost by 10%.

6. Regulate your thermostat

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One way to reduce electrical energy consumption is by regulating the temperature of the thermostat, which can be done manually or getting equipment that performs this task for you. One way to do this is to reduce the temperature at bedtime or when you are away from home. Doing this for eight hours a day will notably contribute to a reduction of up to 10% in the cost of electricity.

7. Install ceiling fans

The installation and use of ceiling fans is an idea that will allow you to use some devices less frequently, helping to lower your monthly electric bill. The reason why experts recommend the installation of this type of fan is because it allows the air conditioning to work optimally without straining or increasing energy consumption.

8. Dry your clothes naturally so you don’t waste energy

A person drying clothes with the energy of the sun
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Do you want to save money? Maybe it’s time to say goodbye, at least temporarily, to your dryer. You will reduce the amount of water you use and you will get the benefit of paying a lower bill. If you have the option consider installing a clothesline to dry your clothes. You could also just hang your freshly laundered clothes in the laundry room.

9. Invest in curtains

Just as installing ceiling fans will help your air conditioner work optimally, so will curtains and blinds. Especially those that receive more natural light during the day. By closing the curtains and blinds in the hottest hours, you will help your air conditioning work optimally. You can also apply a tinted coat to your windows if you wish.

10. Wash your clothes in cold water to save energy

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Did you know that 90% of the electrical energy consumption derived from washing machines is due to the use of hot water? This considerably increases your electricity bill. For this reason, the main recommendation is to avoid washing cycles with hot water. Just use cold water. You will begin to notice the difference in the first month!

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