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How to become a real estate agent: 6 steps for your new career

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Do you want to know how to become a real estate agent? Preparation is critical to finding success in this field. According to statistics, only 13% of real estate agents find long-term success within this profession, and this could be due to multiple factors. Therefore, it is important to create strategies to overcome the adversities of the context. Know what are the essential steps to start your career and start generating stable profits within a competitive environment.

Find a mentor

If you are determined to start a career as a real estate agent, it is necessary to have as much information as possible to create networks that provide you with valuable information to work safely in this field. A mentor with more years of experience than you can guide you to make the right decisions according to your financial and professional goals.

Check the requirements where you want to work


Each state has different requirements for applicants for certification as a real estate agent. A quick search of the directory of regulatory agencies will give you the information you need to gather the required documentation. These typically include proof of age, residency, certification courses, legal and criminal status reporting, continuing education, and application and form fees.

Take a pre-certification real estate course

Before taking the certification exam required by the state in which you will work as a real estate agent, it is important to take a course, which costs approximately $350 dollars. This investment will allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses for certification. And will serve to meet the number of hours of preparation required by regulatory agencies.

Get certified

Real estate concept with coins that have plants

The cost of the certification exam is between $100 and $300. It is an online test that is divided into two parts: the area of ​​knowledge at the national level, and the specific knowledge according to the area where you will work. This exam is based on multiple-choice questions, where the aspiring real estate agent must demonstrate mastery of the principles and practices of this profession in a specific time determined by the regulatory authorities.

Join a real estate brokerage

Agents who work for a real estate broker do not generate a base monthly salary, but they do earn a commission for each transaction made on the properties they sell. By joining a real estate broker, the agent will pay a set amount to access benefits such as building their own website, marketing efforts, and business cards.

Advertise on social media


After having obtained the certification as a real estate agent, you will have the tools to promote your services as an expert on the subject, having social networks as one of the main options to access more public. Social networks will allow you to segment your ads to reach potential customers and present the properties that you are in charge of. Without a doubt, this could represent a great difference in your commissions and monthly fixed income.

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