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How to become a nanny: 10 things to know

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Do you want to know how to become a nanny? Find out today! There are more than 217,000 professional nannies in the US: 87.4% of them women. To be sought after nanny, you must first meet certain essential requirements. Then you will be able to gain experience and create a portfolio of clients who will recommend you to more people. Here are 10 tips to become a nanny!

Get certified in first-aid

Having a certificate in first-aid is not only a plus, it’s a must — especially if you want to be taken seriously get higher paying jobs. CPR is another of the most requested certifications by. This is an investment that will help you create a much more complete portfolio of skills and abilities. In addition, will serve you in other areas of your life.

Compare nanny rates in your area

How to become a nanny: 10 things to know

If you want to become a nanny, you’ve got to know what to charge. Start by comparing the average rates in your city and the area you live in. This way, you will know how much an experienced nanny charges vs. one who is just beginning.If you are just starting out, consider that it will take you a few months to reach a higher pay rate, but it is a matter of finding the ideal clients for you and having the patience to acquire more and more experience.

How to become a nanny? Start babysitting

You may not initially earn as much as you hoped, but this is a process that will help you better understand all the job duties and define what tasks you want to perform as a nanny. Gaining experience will help you not only to know how to treat the children you care for, but also to contact clients and establish a relationship of trust with them.

Create a social media profile

A babysitter playing with children

Social media can be your best ally for getting clients, since you can reach more people within a specific area. Creating a profile on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even TikTok will help you create a larger community of potential customers, and you can let them know about your credentials, attitude, skills, and competencies.

Attend special classes for nannies

Take into account that in your career as a nanny you could face numerous challenges that have to do with the behavior and needs of your clients. Therefore, it is a good idea to take special courses to know how to treat children at each stage of life. Courses will teach you about disabilities, the special needs of each child, the physical and psychological changes that occur in childhood.

Check the status of your online presence

How to become a nanny: 10 things to know

If you want to become a nanny, you must take it seriously. After all, clients will be putting the safety of their children in your hands, and they will want your behavior to be above reproach. Remember to know what your obligations and your ethical commitments are, especially with regard to your presence on social media. Never share names, addresses or private information of your clients.

Create an organized schedule

Organization is one of the main skills you must have as a nanny. Without it, it will be difficult to create a solid client base and fulfill all your work obligations. Create a digital agenda and schedule each and every one of your meetings with clients and work appointments. With this, you will always arrive on time and you will be noticed as a reliable and responsible person.

Be flexible but determined


It is true that taking care of children can be exhausting, especially when you are asked to perform some tasks that you did not expect. You don’t have to say yes to everything. Flexibility is an important factor in providing optimal customer service, but never be afraid to set limits and only accept work that you are willing to do for the rate received.

Know your rights as a nanny

In the United States, all people who work as nannies have rights established by law, such as the right to compensation for extra work performed. Likewise, the law protects you against all kinds of labor abuse, discrimination or sexual harassment/assault. Even if you have not signed a contract (although it’s always good to get everything in writing).

Be professional


Finally, be professional. Respect for your clients, punctuality, preparation and formal communication will always be your best letters of introduction for getting better jobs and higher rates. Every nanny has her own style, but seriousness and commitment to the job will have to come first, whether you’re communicating by phone, email, or in person before closing a deal with a client.

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