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How can I get money for old clothes? The best places to sell clothes for cash

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Selling your old clothes will earn you a good amount of money. Know the best places to sell clothes for cash! You do not necessarily have to sell blouses, dresses, or skirts that have already gone out of fashion because there are options to generate cash with all kinds of garments.

Get ready to earn money from the sale of your old clothes by knowing the websites that allow you to promote the items in your closet to attract potential customers willing to pay cash for what you offer in your virtual shop. Know your best options!

1. Poshmark

Accommodated color clothing

Poshmark is for people who want to trade in their older clothes. This is an excellent opportunity to promote all the clothes in your closet and help your potential customers take a virtual tour of it, knowing the prices and sizes you offer.

One of the advantages of Poshmark is that it allows you to get money for old clothes. The disadvantage is that sometimes you will generate visitors to your page but not necessarily on sales. In any case, you do not have to invest capital since the buyer will be responsible for paying the shipping costs.

2. Thredup

Clothes accommodated in shoulder pads

Thinking of doing a closet cleanout? Go for Thredup! On this platform users send the clothes they no longer need. They go through a rigorous inspection process to determine that they are a good quality product.

This site is recommended for people who have large amounts of old clothes and who do not have a point of sale where they can find their customers. Perhaps one of the main advantages of Thredup is that it helps you earn cash or use the earnings on other clothes found on the platform.

3. ASOS Marketplace

tidy clothes

ASOS is one of the most important clothing stores in the world and has expanded its offer with the creation of a virtual market where boutiques that do not yet have a point of sale or that are just starting to sell come together.

This presents itself as the ideal scenario to start generating cash from the sale of old or new clothing. Take into account that there are millions of people in the world who are looking for a fashion alternative that is friendly to the environment and away from the mass production of the most well-known commercial stores.

4. Facebook Marketplace


A marketplace that stands out for its practicality and for the advantage of obtaining cash for the sale of old clothes is Facebook Marketplace. It is a platform designed for users of Facebook to promote their products and generate the interest of buyers.

Without a doubt, social networks are one of the most effective tools to start a second-hand clothing business. Facebook Marketplace doesn’t charge for the use of the platform and instead brings you closer to a large market of consumers who are waiting to find old clothes in good condition at a good price.

5. Style Encore


Style Encore is a platform specially designed for those who want to sell or buy second-hand branded clothing at a good price and in excellent condition. The payment method is one of the most attractive factors since it is done in cash or with store credit.

This store only accepts clothing from brands such as Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, or Coach. As it is a boutique with exclusive products within a physical store. The site provides users access to a professional stylist to help them choose the most suitable clothing according to their budget and style.

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