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It’s confirmed that a popular host is leaving ‘Hoy’

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  • Sofía Villalobos is leaving Hoy.
  • The show celebrates 25 years on the air.
  • She leaves a legacy of charisma and commitment.

The Hoy morning show is celebrating its 25th anniversary of bringing content to television screens everywhere. Yet, amidst their festivities, they delivered news that led to an emotional moment on the program.

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Sofía Villalobos is leaving Hoy

Hoy morning program, Sofía Villalobos, emotional farewell, Hoy program anniversary, 25 years on the air
PHOTO Mezheat

As the program celebrates its longevity and diverse content, the hosts bid farewell to one of their colleagues.

She had been with the program since its inception, took a break, and then returned years later, only to now bid a final farewell.

Sofía Villalobos, one of the founding members of Hoy, rejoined the program in 2018 when Magda Rodríguez assumed the role of producer.

However, on Thursday, she confirmed her departure, leaving her fellow hosts visibly emotional.

Why is Sofia Villalobos leaving the show?

presenter Sofía Villalobos, change in the Hoy program, legacy Sofía Villalobos, career in the Hoy program, nightly newscast
PHOTO Mezheat

Sofía Villalobos hosted the ‘What Everyone is Talking About’ segment on the morning show.

However, on Thursday, she indicated that her tenure on the morning show had come to an end, as she wanted to dedicate more time to her family.

«I am stepping down for personal reasons. I need more time with my family. I will continue with my nightly newscast,» the presenter stated.

«Sometimes it’s tough to make decisions for oneself because it feels like you’re passing up an opportunity or letting go of work. However, it’s worth making the choice and cherishing life,» she added.

An emotional farewell to Villalobos

Magda Rodríguez, Andrea Rodríguez, hosts of the Hoy program, section What Everyone is Talking About, emotional moment
PHOTO Mezheat

Villalobos explained that it was a difficult decision, especially after Raúl Araiza somberly confirmed his departure from the program.

The announcement was emotional as the hosts gathered to bid farewell to their colleague.

Everyone became tearful as they discussed their colleague’s departure.

The hosts shared a group hug, expressing their sorrow over her departure from the morning show.

She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity

thanks to Magda Rodríguez, special participations in the future, professionalism and dedication, Hoy presenters, home screens
PHOTO: Meznivel

Through tears, Sofia Villalobos expressed her gratitude to Magda Rodríguez for giving her the opportunity to return.

She also thanked Andrea Rodríguez, the current producer, for allowing her to be part of the morning show.

Though she’s bidding farewell to devote time to her family and take a break from work, she’s been assured that the door remains open for her.

Based on the hosts’ assurance that she can return whenever she wishes, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of making special appearances in the future.

A lasting legacy

home screens, morning entertainment program, morning cycle, pause in the program, difficult decision, time with family
PHOTO: Meznivel

The departure of the host, Sofía Villalobos, marks a time of change for Hoy, especially as they celebrate a milestone anniversary.

Yet, her legacy and presence will linger in the memories of those who have appreciated her talent and charisma throughout the years on the show.

Her tenure on the program stands as a testament to her professionalism and dedication, as she captivated audiences with her charm.

It’s evident that her future is bright.

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