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What punishment does Gilbert Mendez deserve for killing his father and brother? (PHOTOS)

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Gilbert Mendez was convicted in Laredo, Texas, of shooting his father and brother to death in a complicated case.- Gilbert Mendez fue declarado culpable en Laredo, Texas, por el asesinato a balazos de su padre y de su hermano en un complicado caso.
Gilbert Mendez murders his father and brother (PHOTO: Webb County Sheriff's Offi)ce.
  • Gilbert Mendez Found Guilty of Brutal Double Homicide
  • Man fatally shot his father and brother in Laredo, Texas
  • Judge yet to decide on the sentence for the young man

Gilbert Mendez was found guilty in Laredo, Texas, of fatally shooting his father and brother in a complex case.

31-year-old Gilbert Jerry Mendez remains in a cell at the Webb County Jail awaiting his sentence.

62-year-old Samuel Mendez Sr. and 37-year-old Samuel Mendez Jr. died following the attack at their home on the afternoon of October 31, 2021.

The story of Gilbert Mendez in the shooting deaths of his father and brother is one of the most dramatic criminal tragedies in Laredo, Texas.

What sentence should Gilbert Mendez receive for his crime?

Gilbert Mendez, Texas, crime, security, violence
PHOTO: Of Gilbert Jerry Mendez. PHOTO: Webb County Sheriff’s Office.

Joe Lopez, Judge of the 49th District Criminal Court in Webb County, postponed the sentencing date to next Tuesday, June 18, 2024.

On that Sunday, October 31, 2021, a passerby walking in front of the house at 200 Olive Street heard several gunshots.

The person who heard the shooting called the Laredo Police Department (LPD) emergency number.

LPD patrols responded to the scene and found Samuel Mendez Sr. and Samuel Mendez Jr. badly injured in the backyard of the house.

Authorities could not help Samuel Mendez Sr. and Samuel Mendez Jr.

death, murderer, homicide, brutal, shooting
PHOTO: Of Samuel Mendez Sr. and Samuel Mendez Jr. (left to right). PHOTO: Special for MundoNow for journalistic purposes.

Paramedics from the Laredo Fire Department (LPD) attended the scene to assist the injured.

However, when the LPD paramedics arrived to assist the two men, they could no longer do anything for the father.

Mr. Samuel Mendez Sr. was declared dead at the scene from gunshot wounds while his son Samuel Mendez Jr. was taken to a hospital.

When Samuel Mendez Jr. was already in the emergency room, he died in the hospital due to the severity of his various injuries in the armed attack.

A woman revealed details of the brutal crime

Gilbert Mendez, Texas, crime, security, violence
PHOTO: Laredo Police Department.

Agents from the LPD’s Homicide Division attended the shooting scene to conduct investigations into the dramatic double murder.

In the initial investigations, LPD agents interviewed other neighbors who heard a fierce argument between several men at the house.

A young woman called the authorities and revealed information pointing to Gilbert Mendez as the alleged perpetrator of the tragedy

This girl had given a dog to Gilbert Mendez and moments before the shooting called to see how he was doing with the pet.

The fugitive assured his mother that he was planning to commit suicide

fugitive police officer patrol attack
PHOTO: Laredo Police Department.

The call revealed that Gilbert Mendez was very agitated against his father and brother. The woman asked the young man to calm down.

At one point, Gilbert Mendez left, and then, without hanging up, the call captured the gunshots with which he killed his father and brother.

Following the testimony of the girl, the LPD’s Homicide Division issued an arrest warrant for Gilbert Mendez.

According to authorities searching for Gilbert Mendez, the young Hispanic was described as armed and very dangerous after the crime.

Federal agents captured the Hispanic fugitive

Gilbert Mendez, Texas, crime, security, violence
PHOTO: U.S. Marshals.

Shortly after, Gilbert Mendez called his mother and told her he had a gun pointed at his head because he was going to kill himself.

Gilbert Mendez also made a video call to another brother in which he announced his suicide after brutally murdering his father and brother.

Despite the threats, Gilbert Mendez did not kill himself and was a fugitive for days until the U.S. Marshals captured him in Laredo after the dramatic attack.

The last chapter remaining in the story of Gilbert Mendez is the sentence that the judge will impose for the deaths of his father and brother.

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