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Ghost or demon? Photo of girl with her imaginary friend causes terrore in social networks (PHOTO)

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  • Surprising photo of a girl with her imaginary friend inside a McDonalds
  • The strange appearance of the child causes controversy among the people. Ghost or demon?
  • The image has gone viral and until now people don’t know what it is about

Ghost or demon? Surprising photo of a girl

with her imaginary friend inside a McDonalds, goes viral and causes astonishment in people, this according to information published in the portal of Formula Group.

This image has gone viral on social media for the strange aspect that shows the image of the supposed child that appears next to the little.

And it is that although it is not known where the events occurred, everything seems to indicate that it was in Mexico and the images are already causing a stir on social networks.

Image taken from Twitter @CarlosSanchezMX

The events took place in the playground of the famous hamburger restaurant, while the girl asked her parents to take a picture of her with her imaginary friend.

According to statements published by the Grupo Fórmula news portal, a person close to the events commented: “When taking the photo, his mother noticed the other child, then she asked him who the child he was playing with was. that the daughter answered that Beto was her imaginary friend ”.

This event at McDonalds has left a lot of uncertainty, fear and even amazement in the people who have seen the photograph, since the girl’s companion, who is said to be an imaginary friend, looks very strange.

There are even those who have called it a kind of demon or ghost, however, all these are mere assumptions that you must discover.

The controversy of this image was immediately raised at McDonalds and users give their opinion on it, however suspicions have already been raised.

The photograph of the girl with her imaginary friend has turned to social networks and until now it is not known how true the assumptions are, whether it is an image related to a demon or a ghost.

When seeing the publication of the supposed ghost or demon that appears next to a girl who asks to have a photo taken with her imaginary friend in the playground of a McDonalds, people began to comment.

“Be careful because you have him behind you”, “nms he’s like an old man hahaha how scary”, “how scary! The good thing is that the McDonalds have already closed here ”,“ ok I’m not going to sleep, thank you ”,“ eye eh ”,“ ah you passed, I was already getting sleepy ”,“ the girl with her imaginary friend named Beto ”, were some from the comments people made.

Another person commented: «When taking the photo his mother noticed the other child, then she asked him who was the child he was playing with, to which the daughter replied that Beto was her imaginary friend.»

Someone else said that none of this was true because: “I read elsewhere that in reality what is with the girl is not her imaginary friend, but her grandmother. And that the girl also sees more ‘people’ ”.


Image taken from Twitter @ pasi2067

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Equally disturbing images shook the country a few months ago, when a video raised controversy not only in Mexico but in some parts of the world, due to its transmission at dawn on social networks by Channel 5, which in the midst of the crisis coronavirus health, causes panic and fear in some sectors of society; the original material has been said to be from Kids Poems and Stories with Michael Rosen Lunchtime, according to Grupo Fórmula.

In the video that was transmitted on the Twitter account @ Canal5, you can see a black background and a being that speaks to the camera, with a kind of deformed face in red, and with green clothes, however, until the At the moment it is not known what message it says, but many people have linked it to a children’s program that appears on YouTube.

According to several users of social networks, these types of strange publications were made at dawn on the social networks of Channel 5, but after a few hours, they were deleted by the administrators of the company, without the fact being known so far. objective of the transmissions.

Imaginary friend girl

Image taken from Twitter @Radio_Formula

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On April 1, the most recent video that was referred to in the first and second paragraphs circulated, but so far no one has explained what it is about, however it has been so disturbing due to the fear that exists due to the spread of the coronavirus that every day leaves more deaths in different countries.

On the @Radio_Formula Twitter account, some users commented the following: «I recommend you watch yoshimitsu caleon youtuber who has two videos about various strange things on Mexican television.»

Another user said: «Thank God I sleep like any other day, God is in my heart and Jesus Christ guides my life.»

Someone with a more sense of humor wrote: «They are crazy, not MTV in the nineties, they smoked.»

One more user analyzed the issue in the midst of the coronavirus crisis and commented on the disturbing video that was broadcast on Channel 5’s social networks: “It is to close the brooch of fear that the media, financed by governments, are dedicating themselves to spreading. past, now it turns out that any wrestler with a microphone is an expert in what we are experiencing, they are a shame ”.

Apparently everything derived from a children’s program and here we leave you the video.

To see the video click here.

Image taken from Youtube
Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

Filed Under: Girl Imaginary Friend

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