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Ron DeSantis signs 3 new laws targeting immigrants

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DeSantis signs anti-immigrant laws (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • DeSantis signs anti-immigrant laws.
  • They will deter migrants from traveling to Florida.
  • Penalties for certain crimes are increased.

Immigrants seeking opportunities in the United States may think twice before traveling to Florida.

Undocumented individuals have recently been affected by newly passed laws in that state.

Now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has unveiled new legislation that will affect all immigrants.

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DeSantis signs anti-immigrant laws

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Photo: The Associated Press

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to take action to address the border crisis.

He says he had the well-being of all Floridians in mind, and ensured that none would be adversely affected.

He signed several bills that increase prison sentences for undocumented individuals who enter the state.

The laws increase the sentences for any undocumented immigrants who are convicted of felonies or driving without a license in Florida.

Illegal immigration in Florida

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Photo: The Associated Press

On Friday, March 15, DeSantis signed three bills aimed at combating irregular immigration.

During a press conference, the governor emphasized the deployment of over 250 state personnel to the southern part of the state, according to EFE.

He noted that since January 2023, state authorities have worked with the Coast Guard to detain 670 vessels with 13,500 «illegal immigrants» on board.

«We have much more capability to intercept at sea,» said DeSantis, adding that the idea is to «return them» before they set foot on U.S. soil.

He criticizes the Biden administration

Presidency, Determination, Undocumented, Migrants, Immigration flow
Photo: The Associated Press

DeSantis has frequently criticized President Joe Biden’s administration for its handling of the southern border of the United States.

According to The Associated Press, the governor has deployed police officers and members of the Florida National Guard to Texas.

«In Florida, we do not tolerate illegal immigration, let alone lawlessness committed by illegal aliens who shouldn’t be here in the first place,» DeSantis stated.

«The bills I signed today further enhance Florida’s capabilities to uphold the law,» he added.

DeSantis’ immediate reaction

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Photo: The Associated Press

After signing the three bills, DeSantis made an announcement on X.

«Last year, I signed the toughest anti-illegal immigration legislation in the country,» Ron DeSantis began his statement.

«Today, I signed three more bills to build on the work we have done to protect Floridians from the impacts of the border crisis,» he concluded.

Some migrant advocacy groups have criticized the bills, claiming they jeopardizes public safety, noted EFE.

What else do the bills say?

ron desantis, governor, anti-immigrant, Florida
Photo: The Associated Press

Another bill increases maximum prison sentences for migrants convicted of committing serious crimes, according to The Associated Press.

This will target undocumented individuals who were previously deported for unauthorized entry into the country.

For example, immigrants who are convicted of low-level offenses, such as simple burglary or car theft, would face a maximum sentence of 15 years.

Immigrants convicted of mid-level offenses, such as aggravated assault, would face a maximum sentence of 30 years.

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