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Dayanara Torres speaks out after Marc Anthony married Nadia Ferreira

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  • Dayanara Torres speaks after Marc Anthony’s marriage.
  • Is she dropping a hint?
  • Marc Anthony married Nadia Ferreira last week.

Marc Anthony married Nadia Ferreira last week in an exclusive wedding in Miami, Florida. Dozens of celebrities were present. Many wondered what Dayanara Torres, ex-wife of the singer, thought about the nuptials.

When asked a few months ago about the engagement, Dayanara said that she was happy for Marc and that she wished him good luck and happiness in this new stage of his life. The singer-songwriter has been married a total of four times in his 54 years.

Dayanara Torres is living her best life!

Relate your best years!
PHOTO: Instagram

Dayanara Torres spoke exclusively with People en Español about her life as a single mother. The former Miss Universe divorced the Puerto Rican singer in 2003. Soon after, he married actress and singer Jennifer López.

“God’s timing is perfect, that’s how I define it. Today I am in one of the best stages of my life and I feel that God and the universe conspired to make it so,” she told the magazine. Many have commented that she may have been dropping hints for Marc and Nadia.

She’s very proud of her children

Very proud of her children
PHOTO: Instagram

«I had my children young, I raised them with the values ​​and love that they raised me, with humility and working for what they want,» she adds. «Today, they have graduated from high school and are engaged, on their way to their studies, with hearts of gold.»

Marcelo Gama is the new man in her life: “”Two years ago love came into my life at the most perfect moment. Today I live such a full life, I get up and go to bed with a smile because I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Is Dayanara dropping hints to Marc Anthony?

Dayanara Torres breaks silence: Indirect to Marc Anthony?
PHOTO: Instagram

«Working, traveling and enjoying life accompanied by a wonderful man who not only loves me and wants to see me shine, he also loves my children and my family.» Some have taken these words as a hint to the famous singer, since he just got married a few days ago for the fourth time.

«But after Anthony got married, they are paying attention to this woman,» commented an internet user in the Instagram post where People en Español announced the exclusive. «Perhaps she did not accept that the other remarried and is wanting everyone to see her again.» FILED UNDER: Dayanara Torres speaks

Has she gotten over Marc Anthony?

Dayanara Torres breaks the silence: Does she not surpass Marc Anthony?
PHOTO: Instagram

In September of last year, she said that she maintained a relationship with Marc Anthony for the sake of their children. The former Miss Universe spoke with Giselle Blondet on her podcast. Dayanara did not hold back and said that, although she was aware that the romance with Marc Anthony had come to an end, she remained by the artist’s side for the good of their little ones.

Torres said that as long as the children grew up with Anthony, she sacrificed herself, just as her parents did when she and her sister were girls. In a way she followed the example of the man and woman who gave her life, although in their case it was somewhat different.

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