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Bed, Bath and Beyond CEO Gustavo Arnal jumps to his death

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  • Gustavo Arnal jumped from an 18th floor balcony.
  • He was CEO of Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  • His wife is said to have been at the scene at the time of the incident.

Authorities confirmed the death of Gustavo Arnal, 52 years old, and are considering it a suicide. The incident occurred in New York City, where the police declared that the man was found dead and with injuries that indicated that he had fallen from a significative height.

At the moment the investigation continues. The incident recalls what happened to Florind Belliu and his wife, Ornela Shehi, who ended their lives by jumping from a sixth floor in the Bronx. The couple was apparently facing economic difficulties because they didn’t have a high income and that caused marriage problems.


Photo: Twitter

Bed, Bath and Beyond CEO Gustavo Arnal was pronounced dead last Friday at the age of 52. Arnal, one of the most important retail store executives, apparently jumped from the 18th floor of his apartment building in Lower Manhattan.

The company said Arnal died on Friday. According to the New York City Police Department, police found the 52-year-old man unconscious with injuries indicating he had fallen from a building in Manhattan, The Associated Press reported. Images of rescue personnel with Arnal’s body have been circulating on social media.

Did he die instantly?

Did he die on the spot?
Photo: Twitter

According to initial reports, the New York police had pronounced him dead at the scene and the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office is expected to determine the exact cause. Police said an investigation is ongoing, The Associated Press reported. Apparently, Arnal jumped to his death because of a million-dollar lawsuit against him.

Local media revealed that Arnal was not alone when the apparent suicide occurred. According to the New York Post, the executive was in the company of his wife, Alexandra Cadenas-Arnal. She was present when Gustavo Arnal decided to jump from the window of his apartment and it’s reported that he didn’t leave a note or any explanation.

How was the incident reported?

How was the situation reported?
Photo: Twitter

Reports say a 911 call was received and that around 12:30 pm a man had fallen from the 18th floor of a building. According to the Daily Mail, Arnal was identified as the jumper from the 57-story building on Friday afternoon. Shortly after, Bed, Bath & Beyond confirmed the sad news.

Arnal joined the company in May 2020 after previous stints at Avon, Walgreens, Boots Alliance and Procter & Gamble, The Associated Press reported. The executive was facing a tough legal battle and that may have been why he made the decision to jump from the 18th floor of the building where he lived with his wife and daughters.

Executive Gustavo Arnal dies: A difficult economic situation?

Executive Gustavo Arnal dies: A tense economic situation?
Photo: Twitter

Bed, Bath & Beyond has recently faced some turmoil. Its shares rose astronomically from $5.77 to $23.08 in just over two weeks in August, in a trade reminiscent of last year’s meme stock craze, when disadvantaged companies suddenly became smaller pocket investors, the AP reported.

On Wednesday, the company said it would close stores and lay off workers in a bid to get its beleaguered business back on track. Two days later, the CEO of Bed, Bath and Beyond took his own life. Some people have considered that the legal problems they were facing were what pushed Arnal to suicide. Filed Under: Executive Gustavo Arnal dies

«He will be remembered for his talent»

Executive Gustavo Arnal dies: "He will be remembered for his talent"
Photo: Twitter

In a statement presented by Bed, Bath and Beyond, Harriet Edelman confirmed the sad news of of Gustavo Arnal’s death. She pointed out that he will always be remembered for the leadership that he showed in the company. She also stated that he will be sorely missed.

“Gustavo will be remembered by everyone he worked with, for his leadership, talent and stewardship of our company. I am proud to have been his colleague, and he will be greatly missed by all of us at Bed Bath & Beyond and all who had the pleasure of knowing him,” said Harriet Edelman, Independent President of the board of directors of the company in the Sunday statement, AP reported. Filed Under: Executive Gustavo Arnal dies

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