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Canelo Álvarez will appear in a Super Bowl commercial

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El "Canelo" Álvarez tendrá una participación en el Super Bowl
  • The Mexican boxer will appear in a Super Bowl ad.
  • This commercial will be broadcast during the game.
  • Canelo Álvarez will appear in the commercial with Serena Williams.

Canelo Álvarez will be part of the biggest event in American football as he will make a special appearance in a commercial that will be broadcast during the Super Bowl. It should be noted that former tennis player Serena Williams will also appear in the ad.

The commercial is for Michelob Ultra beer and it will be broadcast during the most important game in American football.

Canelo Álvarez will appear in a Michelob Ultra commercial

Canelo Álvarez will appear in an Ultra commercial
PHOTO: Instagram

Chamonic shared the ad on Instagram. The best Mexican boxer will be hawking Michelob Ultra beer.

The ad shows a golf match between celebrities and regular people, where tennis player Serena Williams wants to beat her rival. She’s having trouble on the last hole when Canelo appears.

Canelo’s Michelob Ultra Super Bowl ad

Canelo appears driving a golf cart for the Super Bowl commercial
PHOTO: Instagram

The commercial shows the Mexican boxer driving a golf cart and carrying a shipment of Ultra beers in the back. Shortly after, Canelo can be seen celebrating Serena Williams’s winning shot.

As expected, people were quick to share their opinions in the comments. Sarcastic remarks like «Impressive performance,» were shared along with things like, «Winning as always.»

Serena Williams appears in the ad

Serena Williams' appearance in the commercial
PHOTO: Instagram

The most iconic tennis player of her generation, who announced her retirement last year, also in the commercial with Canelo.

The Super Bowl will take place at the University of Phoenix Stadium, in Arizona. For the moment, we only know that the commercial featuring Canelo Álvarez and Serena Williams will be broadcast on February 12 when the Philadelphia Eagles face the Kansas City Chiefs.

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