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Bride catches her fiancé with another woman right before the wedding (VIDEO)

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  • A wedding was canceled in Bolivia at the last minute.
  • The bride found her groom-to-be cheating on her on their wedding day.
  • The groom couldn’t believe he had been found out.

One of a couple’s most anticipated moments is when they decide to join their lives forever in marriage. There’s no doubt that the relationship stage is a test that will determine whether or not they should get married. But sometimes things just don’t go the way they were supposed to.

Technology today has exceeded all possible expectations, and now you can find out things that were almost impossible to discover before. Hundreds of infidelities have been uncovered thanks to social media and no one in the world is spared.

Wedding canceled due to infidelity

Wedding canceled due to infidelity

Al Rojo Vivo shared a story on their Instagram account that has gone viral on social media. No one could have predicted what happened at the end of the video. It turns out that a couple decided to cancel their wedding ceremony due to infidelity.

“Wedding cancelled! And for a very good reason, since the bride surprised her fiancé with another woman just before the wedding. Watch the video all the way through to find out how it all ends” says the post’s description. The end of the video really shocked internet users.

The groom was with his lover

Infidelity wedding canceled: The groom was with the lover

The incident occurred in the South American country of Bolivia where a couple were going to get married and have their happily ever after. But everything went south after the groom’s alleged infidelity was discovered. In the video, the woman can be seen screaming and crying outside her limo.

The bride was supposedly yelling at her future husband who was inside the limousine. And he was right there, having sex with his lover on the day he was supposed to get married. The woman’s desperate cries could be heard in the video that was shared on Instagram.

He was caught red handed

Infidelity wedding canceled: I was in the middle of the 'act'

The images show how the girlfriend is devastated, while family and friends try to console her. At the same time others forced the groom, who was inside the vehicle along with another woman, to get out of the limo. Everyone insisted they get out of the car.

The cameras showed the lovers looking for a way to hide their faces. The groom can be seen with his pink hair and no pants. At the same time, the woman who was with him doesn’t have her top on. The bride was devastated by the situation and crying inconsolably.

An unexpected turn

An unexpected turn

But that was not the end of the story. According to what the host of Al Rojo Vivo said, the wedding had already been canceled by the groom, and it was also for a good reason. It turns out that the bride’s ex sent her fiancé something that he didn’t expect to see.

Apparently the groom, who was caught having sex in the limo, had received a series of intimate photographs of his wife-to-be that were sent by her ex-boyfriend. Not surprisingly, the day turned into chaos in Bolivia. Filed Under: Infidelity wedding canceled

Was everything staged?

Was everything acted out?

After everything that happened on this wedding day that turned into a tragedy due to the infidelities that were discovered minutes before the wedding ceremony, it turns out the whole thing was fake. The entire scene was part of a music video.

«Well, it’s all good that it’s a promotional video for cumbia because with that pink hair that looks like a macaw, it would have been best to just stay single.» «The bright side, she didn’t get married.» «It seems like something out of a soap opera, that girl will never be the same.” “That was staged,” were some of the comments. Filed Under: Infidelity wedding canceled TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

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