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An asteroid entered the Earth’s atmosphere over France

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  • Is it a sign of an apocalypse?
  • An asteroid lit up the sky over France as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • What does it mean?

In the early hours of Monday, February 13, a 3.5 foot asteroid entered the Earth’s atmosphere, lighting up the skies over the English Channel, which separates northwestern France from the United Kingdom. The object could be seen from parts of the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.

Social media users shared spectacular photos and videos of the asteroid’s arrival which created a light show in the sky. The European Space Agency (ESA) named it Sar2667.

Is the end of the world near?

The end of the world is close?
PHOTO: Twitter

The European Space Agency had already predicted the entry of the object, named Sar2667, into the Earth’s atmosphere. It is the seventh time that an asteroid impact has been predicted in advance. Normally, when an asteroid passes close to the Earth, they issue a warning.

This same agency had reported the entry of the asteroid on Sunday. The ESA tweeted that being able to predict it was «an indication of the rapid advances in global asteroid detection capabilities».

An impressive light show

Impressive light show
PHOTO: Twitter

Its fiery journey through the dark sky and the atmosphere created an impressive light show that that was immediately shared from different perspectives on social media, according to Clarin.

The European Space Agency reported that the asteroid was initially discovered at a Hungarian observatory. Krisztián Sárneczky was responsible for the discovery of this asteroid that entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

Another asteroid fell over Canada in 2022

Asteroid atmosphere Earth France: Another had already entered
PHOTO: Twitter

The agency said the object was expected to «safely strike» Earth’s atmosphere near the French city of Rouen. The most recent asteroid discovered before hitting Earth, 2022 WJ1, entered the atmosphere over Canada on November 19, 2022.

Sar2667 has fallen near the tenth anniversary of the Chelyabinsk explosion over Russia. That object struck on February 15, 2013, creating a shock wave that shattered windows in several Russian cities.

A ball of fire

Asteroid atmosphere Earth France: A ball of fire
PHOTO: Twitter

The International Organization of meteors, a non-profit organization based in Belgium, said the object would have entered about 2.5 miles from the French coast, creating a «fireball» effect by burning in the atmosphere.

Normally, as asteroids enter the atmosphere, they burn up, so they don’t harm us. In other cases, when the object is larger, it may not burn completely and some fragments may fall to the surface. This can potentially be dangerous. SEE VIDEO OF THE ASTEROID HERE

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