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Ana Jurka announces her resignation from Telemundo

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Ana Jurka resigns, Shocking, Leaveing, MundoNow, News
Ana Jurka resigns (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Ana Jurka resigns from Telemundo.
  • She revealed that she did not renew her contract.
  • The presenter had been with the network for 10 years.

One of the most recognized faces on Telemundo has chosen not to renew her contract and it was announced that, after a decade with the network, she has resigned.

Ana Jurka, the talented Honduran presenter, who won over the hearts of viewers, has decided not to give the television station another chance.

She didn’t make the announcement, rather someone close to her broke the news.

Currently, Jurka has not made any statements on the subject and continues to engage with her fans through social media.

Ana Jurka resigns from Telemundo

Ana Jurka, Telemundo, Sports Presenter, Television, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

The talented Honduran presenter, who has captivated the hearts of viewers over the last decade, has decided not to continue her journey with Telemundo.

According to Las Tops News, Ana Jurka chose not to renew her contract with the television network, and they also revealed the reasons behind this decision.

When inquired about the contract renewal, a source close to the presenter shared insights about what happened.

«No, she did not renew. However, unofficially, we can tell you that she was open to it and that the network would have liked to retain her.»

Did Telemundo fire her?

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Photo: Mezcalent

After the journalist turned down their offer, the source stated that Telemundo gave her carte blanche to leave sports and work in another area.

«They made several offers in response to her consistent refusals, but couldn’t persuade her to remain in sports,» the source informed the outlet.

«They even offered her an ‘open letter’ to choose if she wanted to be part of another project,» added the person close to Jurka.

Although Ana Jurka herself has not directly confirmed this, the source revealed that the presenter has decided to explore new avenues in her career.

What happened to Ana Jurka?

 Spanish-Speaking Audience, Decision, Contract Renewal, Trajectory, News
Photo: Mezcalent

It was reported that the presenter chose not to continue with Telemundo for personal reasons and her desire to pursue other projects.

«Unofficially, we can also confirm that her decision is not due to any diva-like behavior,» reported the source close to the presenter.

This unexpected move has sparked speculation among fans, who are curious about whether Ana Jurka will move to another network.

«Although she is passionate about her work, continuing in the same role would have been challenging for her, both professionally and personally, in terms of her growth and surpassing her own objectives,» the source explained.

Did she receive other offers?

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Photo: Mezcalent

The source added that Jurka has received various offers from different networks.

«She has already received offers from other companies, even following the World Cup and her departure from En Casa con Telemundo,» they confirmed.

Telemundo has not yet issued an official statement regarding Ana Jurka’s departure, although it is believed that her future will be decided in early December.

«From Monday, December 3, when she is officially no longer with us, she will be able to determine where her professional future lies,» it was reported.

No statements?

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Photo: Mezcalent

The news of Ana Jurka’s resignation from Telemundo resonates not only in the world of television but also in the Spanish-speaking community at large.

Her influence extends beyond the confines of the small screen, and many consider her an inspiration and a role model.

Her colleagues, friends and fans have sent messages of gratitude, praise and wishes for success for her future endeavors.

As the story continues to unfold, the focus shifts to Ana Jurka and how she will navigate this new chapter in her career.

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