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Ana Bárbara breaks down while discussing family conflicts

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Ana Bárbara breaks down (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Ana Bárbara breaks down.
  • She is upset about family conflicts.
  • What did she say?

Renowned regional Mexican singer Ana Bárbara has been the focus of media attention in recent weeks due to her family conflicts.

Ana Bárbara, known for hits like ‘Te Busqué’ and ‘Bandido,’ has faced several issues that have brought her to the verge of tears.

Recently she gave an interview to several media outlets where she addressed the problems, even breaking down at some points.

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Ana Bárbara’s family problems

Conflicts, Problems, Artist, Celebrities, Ana Bárbara breaks down in tears
Photo: Mezcalo

Ana Bárbara has been sued by her brother Francisco Ugalde, who claims not to have received credit for his work on several of her singles.

Furthermore, this adds to the tense relationship that the singer currently has with her father, Antero Ugalde.

He has openly expressed his disapproval of Ana Bárbara’s commitment to her partner, Ángel Muñoz.

Antero Ugalde accuses Muñoz of coming between the Mexican artist and her family, creating a major conflict.

Ana Bárbara breaks down

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Photo: Mezcalo

Recently, Ana Bárbara gave a press conference in which she could not hold back tears when talking about the relationship she used to have with her brothers, Francisco and Antero.

The singer emotionally recalled the support she gave them when they formed the group Los Elegidos.

However, she said she was sad that this relationship has been fractured by the legal and personal problems that have arisen recently.

«It was a group of two brothers that I really protected as a sister, a protective mother and I will continue to do so,» said Ana Bárbara.

What are the conflicts all about?

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Photo: Mezcalo

«It’s not easy, it’s true, but it’s what I have to live and I carry it with great strength, I can’t say that with pride,» she said, her voice breaking.

«Because when you give everything unconditionally, more than expecting it, you want it to be the same and there are emotional situations that are not in my power to control,» she added.

«What I can say is that the other Elegido is losing weight and doing very well, I am very proud of him,» Ana Bárbara shared.

After the press conference, Ana Bárbara spoke with a correspondent from Ventaneando, thanking her fans and loved ones.

Ana Bárbara’s personal challenges

Ana Bárbara breaks down, family issues, conflicts, regional mexican singer, celebrities, entertainment
Photo: Mezcalo

The regional Mexican singer also emphasized the importance of love and understanding in times of family crisis.

«I have great teachers and allies who support me at home, I have my partner supporting me 100%,» she told the cameras.

«Love heals, liberates and respects. My audience and my close circle have been my refuge and therapy during these conflicts. I appreciate your unconditional support.”

«Obviously I am a human being who, like everyone else at home, has their family differences, I live it the same, only I live it on stage with the audience pampering me,» she added.

Gratitude and hope for resolution

Ana Bárbara breaks down, family issues, conflicts, regional mexican singer, celebrities, entertainment
Photo: Meznivel

It should be noted that Ana Bárbara’s response to her brother Francisco’s lawsuit has been to file a complaint about domestic violence.

It marks a new chapter in this complex situation that has captured the attention of the media and fans alike.

Once again the ‘Bandido’ singer was completely transparent and vulnerable with the press.

It is expected that over time the conflicts surrounding the artist can come to an end. See the video where Ana Bárbara breaks down HERE.

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