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Bizarre: ‘Aliens’ crawling onto the beach spark panic

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Extraterrestres aparecen playa
  • ‘Aliens’ appear to be crawling out of the ocean.
  • The strange figures are captured on the beach.
  • “Many people were afraid of these sea monsters.”

Much has been said about the supposed existence of aliens, however up to now there has not been enough proof to confirm that they really exist. People’s opinions are divided on this matter and many do believe that we are not the only ones in the universe.

Some photographs that a South African man shared on social media have caused an uproar since it appeared he captured aliens crawling onto the beach. The images were shared on a South African Facebook group, where they are currently generating hilarious responses.

Alleged aliens appear on the beach

Alleged aliens appear on the beach

It is worth mentioning that what appeared to be monstrous creatures emerging from the sea were actually dead plants. However, people immediately began commenting on how strange they looked.

“I was surprised at the reaction» photographer Jan Vorster told the media about the alien-looking creatures in the photos, which were taken in his hometown of Still Bay, Western Cape. «I thought that people would have fun with it, but then it was very serious, some of it was extremely serious.»

«Many people were afraid»

Aliens appear on the beach: “Many people were afraid"

Similarly, the man who took the photos added that several people were frightened by the terrifying shape of the plants: “A lot of people were scared of these alien-looking sea monsters. It was like Jaws — is it safe to go into the water?”

Vorster, who is a 62-year-old farm worker, had taken photographs of dead aloe vera plants, an evergreen succulent prized for its healing properties. Their creepy shape made them look otherworldly. Filed Under: Aliens Appear Beach

Jan Vorster reveals what they really are

Reveal what they really are
Photo Kennedy News and Media

He then posted the eerie photos to Facebook in an effort to raise awareness of environmental degradation. “I thought I could use this as a metaphor for how people see these plants as aliens, but we’re actually the two-legged aliens ruining their world. That was the idea,” he said.

Several people reacted immediately — and not the way South African man expected. Someone commented: “Just wanted to cancel my vacation. Because of things like this, I don’t swim. I’m already scared of a shark.» Filed Under: Aliens Appear Beach

The comments continued

comments continued
Photo Kennedy News and Media

“Please go back to the ocean,” another pleaded, while a petrified commenter wrote: “Are you serious? Holy crap… scary.» “I have never seen them before in all my years living on the coast,” stated another. «Maybe they are only in the waters of the Cape,» the messages continued on social media, according to New York Post.

“They look like something alien from The War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise,” exclaimed one commenter, referring to the lanky invaders in Steven Spielberg’s 2005 sci-fi remake. “People asked me when they would come out [the creatures] and if they would only go out at night,” explained Vorster, who also recreated the creepy theatrical piece in a nearby river. Filed Under: Aliens Appear Beach

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