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5 of the most important US holidays in 2023

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  • The United States will celebrate more than 10 holidays in 2023.
  • At least 14 holidays are included in the federal calendar.
  • Most businesses celebrate these 5 holidays.

Find out what holidays are celebrated in the US for 2023! According to the official calendar, the United States will celebrate at least 14 holidays this year. There are also some state holidays that may or may not be recognized by most countries or private businesses.

Find out which are the most important holidays that will be celebrated in the US in 2023 and how they are commemorated. Here are five of the most important US holidays to help you plan your next vacation!

5. Important US holidays: Martin Luther King Day

Holidays in the United States in 2023

Also known as MLK Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is one of the most historically relevant holidays in the United States in 2023, as it commemorates the life and historical, political, and cultural legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the most important activists in American history and a leader of the civil rights movement.

In 1968, after his death, the activist community in the United States began a campaign for the federal government to recognize Martin Luther King Jr. with a public holiday. In 1983, then-President Ronald Reagan declared MLK Day a holiday, although it was not until 2000 that this day began to be officially commemorated in all 50 US states.

4. President’s Day

President's Day

One of the US holidays in 2023 is President’s Day, which is usually celebrated on the third Monday of February to honor the legacy of all the men who have served as president of the United States of America.

Since 1897, President’s Day has been a federal holiday whose primary purpose is to celebrate the historical impact of President George Washington, the first president of the United States and leader of the country’s Revolutionary War.

3. Independence Day

Public Holidays in the United States 2023: Independence Day

Among the US holidays in 2023, Independence Day stands out. It’s one of the holidays that is most anticipated each year thanks to the fireworks shows and the patriotism that is experienced in all communities.

This day serves to commemorate the declaration of American independence from England when the official separation of the thirteen colonies for the British monarchy was officially declared. This took place on July 4, 1776.

2. Labor Day

Labor Day

On the first of September each year, Labor Day is celebrated in the United States. This holiday originated with the American workers who fought for fair pay and safe working conditions through marches and demonstrations.

The state of Oregon was the first to recognize Labor Day as an official holiday. By 1884, 30 states included this day in their official commemorations and, in that same year, Congress approved Labor Day as a federal holiday.

1. The holidays in the United States that all states celebrate: Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Of all of the federal US holidays in 2023 Veterans Day stands out. It celebrated during over a three-day weekend with the objective of showing respect towards the veterans who belonged to the all branches of the US armed services. In 2023, it will fall on Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of November.

Many businesses offer discounts and special promotions to US veterans and their families. All government offices are closed on this day.

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