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Thunderstorms Midwest, Rains, United States, MundoNow, News

Strong storms announced for the US Midwest

Thunderstorms Forecasted in the Midwest Continued Bad Weather Expected in the Region Heavy Rain and Winds Anticipated The United States remains under the grip of adverse weather,…
Tropical Storm Nigel

Tropical Storm Nigel strengthens into a hurricane

Hurricane Nigel strengthens off the East Coast. The NHC predicts the storm will continue to grow. Will it be stronger than Hurricane Lee? Tropical Storm Nigel, which…
What to do in a flood

Rising waters: How to stay safe in a flood

What to do in a flood. Don't get in over your head. Follow these tips to stay safe. Floods can be disastrous events that come with serious…
Furia de la naturaleza, desastres naturales, tormenta, Clima, MundoNOW

Nature’s fury: Four of the worst natural disasters in history

Worst natural disasters ever! These 4 events made history. They are a reminder of Mother Nature's strength. Natural disasters have always been a part of human history.…