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Yuri reveals addiction to intimacy in shocking interview

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Yuri discloses addiction (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Yuri discloses a personal struggle.
  • Excessive boundaries pushed.
  • Divine intervention in recovery.

Yuri, the renowned 59-year-old singer from Veracruz, has opened up about a deeply personal aspect of her life in an interview, stirring a strong response from her fans.

During this candid conversation, the artist known for ‘La Maldita Primavera’ presented a side of herself that diverges from her usual public persona.

Although Yuri is celebrated for her openness, in this instance, she ventured into territory that sparked debate over what some deem an overshare of private life.

The heart of the controversy stems from her admission of a private battle with addiction, which she acknowledges led to past indiscretions.

Yuri discloses past

unbridled, addiction, youth, pleasure, sex
Yuri reveals addiction to intimacy PHOTO: Mezcalent

In an interview with Nayo Escobar on her podcast, the typically circumspect singer delved into her past, sharing previously undisclosed details.

Yuri opened up about her sexuality and the unbridled excesses of her youth, a time when she recognized no boundaries in her relationships with men.

It’s important to note that Yuri is a devout Christian, a facet of her identity that has not been without its detractors.

Nonetheless, she often discusses her faith, as she did candidly in the interview with Escobar.

An unbridled stage of the artist

elations, limits, Christianity, Veracruz, Mexico
PHOTO: Mezcalent

On this occasion, Yuri reflected on her past, admitting that, during her youth, she was oblivious to concepts such as peace, integrity, and the significance of family.

She opted for a tumultuous lifestyle, engaging in unrestrained sexual relationships without regard for the repercussions.

The artist characterized her addiction as one of «love,» endearingly referring to it as “el piojito.” While she disavowed drug use, she acknowledged that her indulgences led her on chaotic journeys.

Yuri explained that in that phase of her life, she lacked moderation and wholly gave in to the thrill of her intimate experiences.

The singer and her lack of precautions

 transformation, spiritual, redemption, MundoNow
Yuri reveals addiction to intimacy PHOTO: Mezcalent

Yuri’s most startling revelation was that despite being involved with various men, she never took precautions for her safety.

She expressed, “I never took care of myself, I don’t know how I didn’t get pregnant. God was with me even then. And I slept with many people.»

This segment of the interview has sparked a myriad of responses, ranging from incredulity to admiration for the fortune that, in Yuri’s view, safeguarded her during those times.

While the singer refuted any claims of being a nymphomaniac, she admitted that she came very close to such a state.

The Devil, Temptation and Yuri

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

Yuri credits the introduction of God into her life as the pivotal change that helped her move past that difficult period. She even disclosed that she had entangled herself with married men.

She reflected, “That’s when I leave that life behind, when I become a Christian. If I stray from God, I fall into ruin, because my flesh is weak; I made it that way.»

The spiritual bond was essential for Yuri in overcoming the addiction that once plagued her.

The interview also touched upon the repercussions of not taking precautions during her intimate encounters. Yuri disclosed that this negligence had consequences for her health.

A rapprochement with God that changed his life

MundoNow, red dress, stage, fame
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The performer of ‘Detrás de mi Ventana’ disclosed that she contracted cervical papilloma, which was on the verge of becoming cancerous.

The artist candidly acknowledged the health complications she encountered due to not taking protective measures during those «carefree» times.

In an unexpected twist, Yuri attributed her past behaviors to the temptation of the devil, insinuating that this malevolent force was luring her into actions that jeopardized her health.

This spiritual interpretation brings an additional layer to her narrative, prompting contemplation on the intricate interplay between one’s intimate life and spiritual beliefs. (SEE A VIDEO HERE).

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