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YouTuber shot making prank video in a Virginia mall

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Balean youtuber Tanner Cook
  • YouTuber shot making prank video.
  • Tanner Cook was in a mall in Virginia when he was shot in the stomach.
  • Police caught the person responsible.

YouTuber Tanner Cook was shot while he was making social media content. He is known for playing pranks on people, however, this time the situation got out of control while he was in a Virginia mall.

Influencer Tanner Cook, 21, was making one of his famous prank videos when the young man was shot in the middle of a mall. The incident occurred at the Dulles Town Center, in Sterling, Virginia.

YouTuber Tanner Cook is shot

Youtuber Tanner Cook is shot

According to the first police reports, Cook was shot in ​​the abdomen and was rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment. The young man was in intensive care on Sunday after a bullet pierced his stomach and liver.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office did not publicly identify Tanner Cook, but court documents and a Loudoun County General District Court judge identified him during the arraignment of the suspect, 31-year-old Alan Colie, of Leesburg.

Tanner Cook was making a video in a Virginia mall

Youtuber Tanner Cook is shot: I was making a video in a mall

Fortunately, the authorities managed to identify the person allegedly responsible for shooting Tanner. Similarly, it was revealed that Alan Colie was charged Sunday with aggravated malicious injury, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and discharge of a firearm inside a building, according to WUSA 9.

Sheriff Mike Chapman said the shooting was the result of a fight that broke out between the two men. The shots caused panic among shoppers.

“I was playing a prank”


Fortunately, Cook is stable in the hospital. He even revealed to the media that he was working on some pranks for another video: «I was playing a prank and a simple practical joke, and this guy didn’t take it very well,» said Tanner Cook.

Tanner Cook’s father said the shooting was unnecessary. «They were making a video at the mall and trying to have fun with people and this guy wasn’t having fun,» Jeramy Cook added. «There was a phone around him and they were interviewing him or talking to him, and he didn’t like it and he pulled a gun and shot my son.»

Tanner Cook is stable

is stable

Tanner Cook’s YouTube channel is called Classified Goons and he currently has around 46,300 followers. Normally his content is based on playing pranks on bypassers, according to El Universal.

Within hours, he updated his account with a video titled Asking Strangers to Watch Their Tone Prank! Tanner Cook emphasized that his family trusts in God and their faith to show support for their son. He even said that he has no ill will, anger or bitterness towards Colie.

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