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YouTuber Compa Jorge is shot dead in Culiacán

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  • Jorge Luis “N” was shot several times upon arriving at his home.
  • The businessman and YouTuber, better known as Compa Jorge, was ambushed by two men who shot him 10 times.
  • “Here I come to do some stuff on the banks,” he said hours before being shot.

The violence does not stop. Businessman and YouTuber Jorge Luis “N”, better known as Compa Jorge, was shot several times when he arrived at his house in the Guadalupe Víctor neighborhood. It was very close to the Novena Zona Militar barracks in Culiacán, Sinaloa in Mexico. Apparently the two shooters were waiting for him.

According to El Universal, the Municipal Police of this city received a report that several shots were heard on Avenida Gilberto Owen. Witnesses say they were directed at a young man who had just gotten out of a recent model gray Toyota. Quite a nightmare.

Compa Jorge was shot 10 times

Compa Jorge was shot 10 times
Photo Twitter

His attackers shot him 10 times at close range and the seriously injured YouTuber was transported to a nearby medical clinic in the town. However, upon arrival, the medical personnel who treated him determined that he had no vital signs.

Reports indicate that Compa Jorge, was walking up to his house when two people ambushed him and shot him several times. Jorge Luis was shot in the chest so, despite the fact that he was immediately taken to a clinic located very close to where the attack occurred, he could not be saved.

“Puro Culiacán, compa!” Said the YouTuber

"Pure Culiacán, compa!"said the youtuber
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“On this channel we will show you this pair’s pranks and what is a day to day for any culichi. Puro Culiacán, compa! ” can be read in the description of Compa Jorge’s YouTube channel. Before his murder, he had more than 63,000 subscribers and more than 4 million views.

According to reports from Radio Formula, Jorge Luis “N” shared content related to off-road vehicles, from tutorials on the modifications he made to the cars to videos of events that he attended. His last post was a week ago and has more than 12,000 views.

“Our vacations are over,” said Compa Jorge before being shot

"Our holidays are over"Compa Jorge expressed before being shot
Photo Twitter

Compa Jorge, who presented himself as a video creator and invited his fans to follow him on his YouTube channel, had just over 30,000 followers on Instagram. What caught people’s attention is what he said in his stories just hours before he was shot.

While driving his vehicle, and without imagining what would happen next, the YouTuber said the following: “What a show, my people! Happy start of the week to all. The vacations are over for those of us who could have vacations, plebada, now yes to ching…. Here I come to do some stuff on the banks. Blessings, people, nice day for all.”

Fans mourn his Compa Jorge’s death

mourn his death

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Followers of YouTuber Compa Jorge mourned his death. The last post he made before he was shot several times when he arrived at his home in Culiacán, Sinaloa in Mexico was quickly filled with comments.

“I don’t believe it, rest in peace, sweetheart.” “Rest in peace, old man.” “Oh no, beautiful cousin, not you.” “To heaven, my old man.” “Rest in peace, fly high.” “We will always remember him, a beautiful angel.” “Compa Jorge , we are waiting for more routes, a big hug to wherever you are, old man.” “God have you in his holy glory, friend.” “A great person left.” We will miss him a lot,” can be read in the comments.

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