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YouTuber Carlos Espina describes his experience during the UNLV shooting

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UNLV shooting (Photo: AP)
  • Carlos Espina describes the UNLV shooting.
  • Three people were killed.
  • Police have identified the shooter.

A terrible event has shocked the country. A shooting shook the tranquility of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

The terrifying incident has left at least three people dead and one seriously injured, according to local police.

Authorities reported that the shooter was killed in a confrontation with law enforcement.

The mass shooting occurred on Wednesday, December 6, plunging the school into panic and despair.

Terror at the University of Nevada

Carlos Espina, Shooting, Las Vegas, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Police, who quickly responded to the scene, engaged the suspect in a shootout that resulted in his death.

The motives behind this tragic episode are still unknown, and the authorities have launched an exhaustive investigation to determine why this happened.

One of the most powerful stories came from Carlos Espina, a popular Hispanic influencer and UNLV student.

He shared a heartbreaking description of the terrifying events he witnessed during the shooting on TikTok.

Carlos Espina describes the UNLV shooting

Carlos Espina, UNLV, shooting, University, MundoNOW, USA,
PHOTO: The Associated Press

«My people, I am very afraid. Currently there is an active shooter here at the university where I study,» Carlos Espina began his video.

With tears in his eyes, the young influencer explained that just after finishing a final exam, alarms began to sound alerting him to the presence of an active shooter at the university.

«They won’t let us leave, we are literally locked in. They say we are safe in this building, but I don’t know. I’m very afraid and, well, there’s no way,» he continued.

«How sad what we are experiencing here in the United States, my people, I have never had to be close to this,» Espina said in the video.

‘They won’t even let us go to the bathroom’

Carlos Espina, influencer, University, MundoNOW, USA,
PHOTO: The Associated Press

In an attempt to stay alive, Espina and his classmates took refuge in the classroom, while they could hear gunfire outside.

They closed the doors and tried to remain calm as the terrifying situation on campus unfolded.

«You can hear the helicopters and the sirens and everything, but as I say, I have no idea. We are here locked in the room where we took the exam,» he said.

«They won’t even let us go to the bathroom, nothing. But hey, my people, we’ll see what happens,» he concluded his chilling video about the UNLV shooting.

Carlos Espina was terrified

Influencer, Hispanic, shooter, USA, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Espina shared in real time the anguish and fear that overwhelmed the trapped students.

He offered a unique perspective on what they experienced inside the school.

The shooter died in a shootout with law enforcement, police said in early reports on the incident.

The attack at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas sent shockwaves through a city still scarred by the deaths of 60 people in a mass shooting in 2017.

The UNLV shooter is identified

Gunman, tragedy, USA, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Associated Press

He previously worked at East Carolina University in North Carolina, according to an official.

He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to share the information publicly, according to The Associated Press.

The UNLV shooter has been identified as a 67-year-old university professor who unsuccessfully applied for a job at the school.

Classes were canceled through Friday at the university and UNLV’s basketball game at the University of Dayton, Ohio, was canceled. To see Carlos Espina’s video click HERE.

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