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Young Spaniard mocks Mexican accents and karma gets him!

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  • A young man from Spain makes fun of Mexican accents.
  • He says they talk like children.
  • He is immediately destroyed on social media.

Lately, influencers have been conducting ‘social experiments’ or simple street interviews to entertain their followers. A young man from Spain agreed to answer some questions but he never imagined how it would turn out!

A young man from Spain was selected for a brief street interview for a TikTok video. He was asked about the ugliest accent he had ever heard and his response angered many Hispanics.

Spanish man mocks Mexican accents

Young Spanish man mocks Mexicans.
Photo: TikTok

The young man who was asked about the ugliest accent he has ever heard, immediately replied that he didn’t like Mexican accents. He said they sound «childish».

As we well know, Spanish is spoken in many countries and each one has its own peculiarities, accents and slang that can sound quite different. Often some words are pronounced much differently.

The man also criticized Mexican words

Young Spanish man mocks Mexicans.
Photo: TikTok

In the video Iván Latin America shared on TikTok, the young Spanish man also says: «Just the accent? Because for me, for example, what I dislike most about countries that speak Latin American, specifically Mexico, are the words they use.”

«Not the accent but the words they use,» the young man added. Immediately the person interviewing him said: «In other words, ‘güe…’ ‘chin…ón’, you don’t like them?» The Spaniard immediately said he didn’t like those common Mexican expressions.

Karma comes for the young Spaniard!

Karma comes to you through social networks
Photo: TikTok

«It’s because of the words they use, the ‘güe…’ and all of that seems very cringe to me, more childish words. I see them as super childish,» he says in the video that immediately went viral. As expected, people were quick to respond.

“We Mexicans are shocked by his Spanish accent, and more so in movies.” “In Spain they call their friends uncle.” “Dubbing in Spain is the worst for movies.” “They say “cool” and nobody says anything to them.” “Those who say ‘flipando.’” “Poor fool, he has no idea of ​​the power of those words.” “I didn’t know that Latin American was a language.” «shut up I say.»

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