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Young man claiming to be Shakira’s son asks for a large sum of money

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Young man claims to be Shakir's son (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • A young man claims to be Shakira’s son.
  • Actor Santiago Alarcón is also involved.
  • Is the young man trying to blackmail the singer?

Shakira has a new scandal that has landed her back in the spotlight in Spain, and it doesn’t have anything to do with Gerard Piqué.

From Colombia, renowned actor Santiago Alarcón came out to publicly denounce an alleged case of harassment.

He says a young man is claiming to be their son.

The story has triggered a series of unexpected events that have kept the media and the public in suspense.

A young man’s shocking claims

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

Santiago Alarcón, 42, took to Instagram to describe an «absurd» situation that he says he has been dealing with.

In a video, that lasts almost 9 minutes, the actor began his story: «Here I tell you one of the most absurd chapters of my life.»

The Todas Para Uno actor revealed that four years ago he received a message. It said: «Hello Dad. I’m your son. You abandoned me, my adoptive mother told me.»

At first, Alarcón did not pay attention to this, since it seemed meaningless to him.

Extortion and a question of paternity

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

However, the young man continued sending messages to Alarcón, even going so far as to seek him out in person.

According to the actor, the young man contacted him on September 3 when he arrived from Canada and went to look for him at the theater where he was performing.

After speaking with him and consulting with some reporters, Alarcón determined that the young man’s accusations were unfounded.

«He was not aggressive at all and told me that he needed to talk to me alone,» the actor revealed on Instagram.

Santiago Alarcón dealt with the situation

Accusation, Colombian actor, Piqué separation, Instagram
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«I took him to a place where my colleagues could see me, because I swear I panicked, I was scared, and I thought he was going to do something to me,» the artist said.

However, the drama did not end there. The young man was apparently trying to extort Santiago Alarcón.

According to the actor, the young man alleges that he was given up for adoption in 1992 when Alarcón was only 12 years old.

Now, he is asking for approximately $189,759 as compensation.

The mystery of the young man and his claim

Shakira, new song, 'El Jefe', Awards, Premios Juventud
PHOTO: Mezcalent

For her part, Shakira, who the young man says is his biological mother, has not made any statements about this controversial situation to date.

The singer’s fans are questioning the paternity accusation and extortion attempts.

The superstar is expected to speak about this situation sometime in the near future.

This new controversy has kept media attention focused on Shakira at a time when she is already dealing with the aftermath of her split from Gerard Piqué.

Shakira has not commented

Santiago Alarcón, Paternity, Extortion, Controversy
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The news of an alleged long lost son has added a new intriguing chapter to the life of the Colombian singer.

Meanwhile, the public and the media are still waiting for more details about this mysterious young man and any legal action that might arise from this situation.

He has captured everyone’s attention and many hope it will be clarified in the coming days.

People have been surprised by the appearance of Shakira’s alleged son. According to Excelsior, it is believed that the man is around 30 years old.

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