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Tennessee woman arrested for human trafficking of Hispanic immigrants

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Yilibeth Rivero, arrested, human trafficking
Yilibeth Rivero arrested for human trafficking (Photos: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation/Shutterstock)
  • Yilibeth Rivero arrested for human trafficking.
  • Her victims were Hispanic immigrants.
  • Police ask the community for information.

A difficult investigation ended in the rescue of 12 Hispanic victims of human trafficking.

Yilibeth Rivero was arrested for being the alleged leader of the criminal organization, according to authorities.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) took over the investigation and requested the support of other state institutions to corroborate the information.

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Photo: MundoNOW

They are looking for more evidence against the suspect, also known as «Yibi,» who was accused of running a human trafficking network in central Tennessee.

«There were victims who were being trafficked out of two different motels in Nashville,» Davidson County Assistant District Attorney Kate Melby told local media.

According to information provided by TBI, Yilibeth Rivero offered financial assistance to women from Central and South America so they could come to the United States.

When they set foot on American soil, they found that they were deeply in debt to her.

Rivero forced her victims into prostitution

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

To repay Rivero, the victims were forced into prostitution at hotels in downtown Nashville, the TBI detailed.

Agents from the Tennessee Human Trafficking Task Force and the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department joined the investigation.

In addition, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department, the Murfreesboro Police Department, the FBI, Judicial Districts 16 and 20 and the Attorney General’s Offices were involved.

Clues led officers to Rutherford County and there they arrested one of the main suspects in the human trafficking network on December 14.

Yilibeth Rivero was arrested for human trafficking

Yilibeth Rivero, Hispanic, suspect, detained, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Yilibeth Rivero de Caldera is a 50-year-old Venezuelan who lived in Murfreesboro.

She was transported to Davidson County with warrants charging her with at least nine counts of human trafficking for commercial sex acts.

After her appearance in court, Rivero’s bail was set at $900,000. Beyond stating her place of origin, the authorities did not make any additional comments.

Despite Rivero’s arrest, the investigations continue. Authorities believe there could be more victims.

Authorities ask for help from the community

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Authorities are calling on members of the community to come forward with any information about Yilibeth Rivero or her victims. They can call anonymously to 1-800-824-3463 or 1-855-558-6484.

As new details are obtained about this trafficking network, officials said there is a possibility of additional details regarding victims and modus operandi.

The non-profit organizations Ancora TN, Rescue One Global, Thistle Farms and Catholic Charities have offered resources to the victims but only seven of them accepted the help.

The participation of the community in reporting these types of crimes is crucial according to the Davidson County Assistant District Attorney: “It is much more common than people think.”

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