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Yalitza Aparicio appears in a teeny bikini that leaves nothing to the imagination!

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  • The Roma actress posed in a barely there swimsuit.
  • Does she no longer care about criticism?
  • People say Yalitza Aparicio is a ‘regular’ person.

Yalitza Aparicio in a bikini: The Roma star has decided not to hide anymore. She says that, despite getting negative comments from «haters», the actress who appeared in the Oscar-winning film has decided to show her natural body as it is, regardless of whether she’s criticized.

Yalitza Aparicio was visiting her native Oaxaca accompanied by a friend, where they had no problem sharing images of themselves in bathing suits. This got everyone talking, since we have never seen her in this light before.

The Mexican actress wants to show herself as she is

Yalitza Aparicio in bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

Yalitza posed for a photographer, who took the opportunity to take some pictures of her by the sea. The gorgeous summer photos look amazing. We can see Aparicio in three separate photos with her long hair flowing, wearing a string bikini in various pastel colors.

Yalitza took the opportunity to describe what she felt, in addition to confessing that she was finally encouraged to show herself as she is, despite the harsh criticism she usually receives. “Every time I have these types of photos, I feel embarrassed to share them, due to comments that come up… but I always talk about self-love, and the truth is that I love myself just the way I am. Also, I’m the younger version of the rest of my life. #self-love. P.S. We have not left the tlayudas. In Oaxaca it is impossible to stop eating,» the actress wrote on Instagram. Filed Under: Yalitza Aparicio in a bikini

Yalitza Aparicio is criticized her for her physique

Yalitza Aparicio in bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

Alain Luna is a photographer from Oaxaca who took advantage of Yalitza’s stay to take some beautiful photos on the beach of her native Oaxaca. People immediately began commenting on her photos. Although there are many positive comments, there is no lack of those had negative things to say about the actress.

«A more common person and x on the planet.» «She is in a very superficial environment, who live on the appearances. She shows off her clothes, her trips, etc… but is very gloomy with her phrases.» «She is not beautiful but if you have a lot of self-esteem, it’s admirable.» «Her body is not pretty,» are some of the criticisms made of the actress through Suelta la Sopa’s Instagram. Filed Under: Yalitza Aparicio in a bikini

Not all comments are bad: “She is authentic and natural”

PHOTO: Instagram

And as we mentioned before, Yalitza is trying not to pay attention to criticism and negative comments, because she wants to start showing herself more as she is. Or at least that’s what she recently hinted at. Some of the best comments with more positivity are the following:

«Mexican pride. Beautiful inside and out. Has put Mexico in a very high place.» «You are authentic and you look great. No artificial things. God bless you.» «She is a woman who show herself as she is. Many would like to be like her naturally, but they go plastic. Learn from this girl.» Yalitza Aparicio is became famous when she starred in Alfonso Cuarón’s film, Roma. Currently, the actress from Oaxaca focuses on promoting brands in Mexico. Filed Under: Yalitza Aparicio in a bikini

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