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Actress Yalitza Aparicio has a message for her haters: «Leave me alone» (VIDEO)

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  • Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio has something to say to her critics.
  • Everyone is impressed with her new look.
  • She recently suffered a tragic loss.

Yalitza Aparicio has a message her her haters. The actress rose to fame after starring in Mexican director Alfonson  Cuarón’s Oscar winning film Roma. Although Yalitza Aparicio has been involved in other productions, they haven’t had the same success.

The actress, originally from Oaxaca, often shares content on social media, including photographs of her day-to-day life as well as trips and funny and motivational videos. She recently decided to say something to her critics.

Yalitza Aparicio has a message for her haters

Yalitza Aparicio gives a message to her haters

It is nothing new to learn that the Mexican actress has been the target of a lot of criticism since she became known for the award-winning film Roma. Yalitza has put up with these attacks for many years, but it seems that people change over time.

Aparicio decided to send an indirect message to the people who have criticized her for so long. She shared a TikTok video saying: «And yes, if you see me being happy, leave me alone, because I really deserve it.»

Fans like Yalitza’s new look

Yalitza Aparicio gives a message to her haters

It was not only her message that was surprising, but also the Mexican actress showed off a striking new look with a long ponytail and gorgeous makeup. She can definitely teach us all a lesson on being a strong woman.

Yalitza Aparicio has nearly a million TikTok followers. People were quick to comment on her video because if the powerful message and her incredible new look.

What do people think?

PHOTO: Instagram

People commented on Yalitza Aparicio’s post: “She is a Mexican pride, people are bad and you will always find good ones too. You always keep going without looking back.” “Of course, you deserve it.”

Others commented on TikTok: «You deserve everything beautiful, beautiful blessings.» «Wow» «How beautiful you are, blessings.» «Talent, humility and sincerity your eyes speak, you are the representative of the Latin American woman.» «Very beautiful as always and you deserve it.»

A few months ago, the actress suffered a tragic loss


A few months ago, the elementary school teacher and actress suffered a tragic loss that made her very sad. One of her best friends passed away. Yalitza posted an emotional video on Instagram recalling their happiest memories.

“Eternally free, loving and powerful… the #best #photographer in the #world… and best friend. Although your departure hurts, I embrace you with my heart wherever you are, take more incredible photos @irireis as you said with a laugh «just for the anecdote.» A video was shared Teocintli Wa Wa Waa’s Instagram where you can see the actress and her close friends at the funeral of young Iris López. Yalitza has her head bowed.

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