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Yahritza y su Esencia withdraw from the Arre Festival

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Yahritza y su Esencia Arre Festival (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Yahritza y su Esencia withdraw from the Arre Festival.
  • Their recent remarks sparked outrage.
  • The Mexican public has turned on them.

Yahritza y su Esencia have withdrawn from the Arre Festival due to the controversy sparked by their comments.

After their recent divisive remarks, the regional Mexican music group continues to face challenges.

Now, they have decided to pull out of the highly anticipated Arre Festival, according to El Universal.

The festival is scheduled for September 9 and 10 at the Hermanos Rodríguez Hippodrome.

Outrage on social media

They cause a wave of indignation
PHOTO: Getty Images

The decision comes after the band’s controversial comments about Mexico.

This triggered a wave of outrage among fans and the online community.

Yahritza y su Esencia’s troubles began when one of their interviews went viral on social media.

The siblings expressed their lack of enthusiasm for Mexican food and the chaos of Mexico City.

People demanded they pull out of the festival

Yahritza y su Esencia withdraw from the Arre Festival
PHOTO: Getty Images

These statements provoked an instant and angry reaction from Mexicans.

Many have expressed their anger on social media.

In addition, they have requested that the group not play at the Arre Festival, reports El Universal.

The fans’ outrage was obvious online.

Yahritza y su Esencia pull out of the Arre Festival

Yahritza y su Esencia

Social media users called for the band to be replaced in the festival’s lineup.

Many commented things like: “Cancel Yahritza y su Esencia. They don’t like Mexico!»

«Take down Yahritza, bring up an artist who likes to come to Mexico and not just line their pockets,» others said.

Despite an apology issued by the band in an attempt to remedy the situation, the controversy continued to escalate.

Yahritza y Su Esencia withdraws from the Arre Festival: Was it necessary?

Yahritza y su Esencia withdraw from the Arre Festival
PHOTO: Getty Images

In an attempt to calm the situation, Yahritza y su Esencia made the decision to withdraw from the Arre Festival.

Reports indicate that the band does not appear on the updated schedule for the event.

This, according to El Universal, confirms they won’t perform.

Their slot on Sunday will be filled by another popular artist.

Some say it’s too late

Yahritza y su Esencia withdraw from the Arre Festival

Some of the artists that will perform are: Edén Muñoz, Pesado, Ramón Ayala and many more.

This turn of events has generated an even stronger online debate.

Yahritza y Su Esencia’s apology doesn’t seem to have worked.

Now, they face the consequences of their comments in the age of social media.

Arre Festival: A showcase of Mexican music

PHOTO: Getty Images

Even though Yahritza y su Esencia issued a public apology, it was not readily accepted by online users.

Controversy surrounding the band continues to escalate…

This was further fueled by the revelation of a video in which the vocalist, Yahritza, asks to be spoken to in English instead of Spanish.

The Arre Festival is a showcase for regional Mexican music, according to various media.

The festival will go on without them

The artists who will be at the Arre festival
PHOTO: Getty Images

The Arre Festival will continue with an impressive lineup of stars.

Natanel Cano, a corridos tumbados singer will kick off the festival.

Nathanael is recognized as one of the biggest stars of the regional genre and corridos.

Fuerza Regida, La Arrolladora Banda el Limón, Los Huracanes del Norte will also be there, according to El Universal.

Are Yahritza y su Esencia cancelled?

Yahritza y su Esencia
PHOTO: Getty Images

Despite Yahritza y su Esencia’s withdrawal, the Arre Festival promises to offer an exciting show.

Regional Mexican music lovers will be able to enjoy a varied repertoire of talented artists.

The controversy surrounding the band’s involvement highlights the importance of the relationship between artists and their audience.

It also highlights the ability of social media to sway public opinion, reports El Universal.

Yahritza y su Esencia are booed

Yahritza and her Essence withdraw their participation from the Arre Festival: They are booed
PHOTO: Getty Images

The trio Yahritza y Su Esencia, made up of Mexican-American siblings was recently booed in concert.

The audience didn’t welcome their performance at a Grupo Frontera concert.

Videos of what happened quickly went viral, particularly TikTok.

Negative comments and boos accompanied the siblings as they took the stage with Grupo Frontera.

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