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Mando of Yahritza y su Esencia responds to recent criticism

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Yahritza y su Esencia face criticism (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Yahritza y Su Esencia faces continued criticism.
  • Mando claps back at the negative comments.
  • He has a heated exchange online.

Yahritza y Su Esencia continues to be a topic of conversation — unfortunately it’s not for positive reasons.

The group has stirred controversy after they were heard making negative comments about Mexico, expressing a preference for living and eating in the United States.

A recent incident involving Mando, one of Yahritza’s brothers, responding aggressively to an internet user, has now gone viral.

This incident has further fueled the resentment many Mexicans feel towards the band.

A fiery online exchange

Yahritza y su Essence
PHOTO: Getty Images

An unexpected retort from Yahritza’s brother has reignited the ongoing controversy surrounding the group.

Armando Martínez, also known as Mando, the oldest member of the group, is now the focus of online anger.

He chose to directly address the critics who had been targeting the group. However, his responses were somewhat aggressive, which only added fuel to the fire.

This has underscored the fact that the trio of siblings remains deeply disliked in Mexico due to their previous remarks.

Adding to the hate

They end up being more hated by Yahritza y su Essence
PHOTO: Getty Images

This surprising online exchange has rekindled the controversy on social media.

People on social media were taken aback by his choice of words, finding it difficult to believe what he said.

As previously highlighted, the Martinez siblings have been subject to consistent criticism in Mexico recently.

With this latest incident, it appears that Mando is unapologetic about their controversial remarks.

Fueling more controversy

Add more 'haters'
PHOTO: Getty Images

This surprising moment was captured on the popular social media platform TikTok, known for its short-form videos.

In the video, a woman is expressing her displeasure with the group.

It appears that the members of Yahritza y su Esencia have either become accustomed to criticism or have unintentionally become magnets for it.

At least, that’s the narrative fueled by some individuals who have been actively sharing the group’s most controversial videos.

Is Yahritza y Su Esencia risking their fame?

They can be without fame
PHOTO: Getty Images

The woman told him during their chat that Latin audiences could erode their fame, highlighting the power of public sentiment.

In response, Mando, irritably demanded the woman not make assumptions about his humility.

«You don’t even know me, Sarahí, to label me as humble,» Mando Martínez began in the video.

He continued, «Please, Sarahí, because those who often speak about their humility are the ones who possess the least of it.»

Negative reactions

They didn't like your answer.
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«True humility doesn’t need to be announced,» the Yahritza y su Esencia member continued, pushing back against criticism.

He also pointed out the irony that those who contribute to his fame and views on his profile are often the same individuals who criticize him.

As anticipated, his response didn’t sit well with the online community, and it prompted an even greater backlash.

«This young man never learns.» «You’re already canceled in Mexico.» «He has the nerve to say that,» were among the responses.

Acknowledging their critics

Thank those who criticize you
Photo: Getty Images

The comments were divided into two camps — those who agreed that the negative attention from critics inadvertently brings him more recognition.

And others who applauded the woman who pointed out the potential impact of Latin audiences.

«He’s right, just block him or ignore what he says.» «He’s quite daring,» some commented.

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