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Televisa actress is beaten by her partner while she was pregnant (VIDEO)

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Yael Duval beaten while pregnant (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Actress is beaten by her partner.
  • They claim she was pregnant.
  • She had reported him ten times.

A video started to go viral on social media, showing a woman being beaten by what is said to be her partner.

However, details about the woman’s situation in the video have emerged, such as the fact that she was pregnant at the time of the assault.

Similarly, the identity of the victim has been confirmed, revealing her to be a well-known actress from the Televisa network.

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Actress is beaten by her partner

Yael Duval is beaten by her partner, Yael Duval, Televisa, Vecinos, Mexico City
Yael Duval is hit by a couple PHOTO Capture from Instagram

It was the morning of Wednesday, April 10th, when the name of Televisa actress Yael Duval began circulating on social media.

This occurred after a video was leaked showing her as the victim of a regrettable violent incident allegedly perpetrated by her former partner.

The video was shared on social media by well-known crime reporter Carlos Jiménez.

In the footage, the exact moment when Duval is physically assaulted by her ex-partner is depicted, even ending up on the ground.

They claim she was pregnant

Yael Duval is hit by a couple, Pregnant, Televisa, Neighbors, Mexico City
Yael Duval is hit by a couple PHOTO Shutterstock

However, one of the details that has garnered more attention is the fact that Jiménez pointed out in his post the condition of Duval at the time of the attack.

The journalist mentioned that the violent events unfolded while the actress was pregnant.

In the same post made on his X account, he states that the alleged aggressor is the actress’s ex-partner, Anuar Narchi.

He notes that Yael Duval took legal action against Narchi ten times without receiving any response from the authorities.

Televisa actress is a victim of violence

Televisa, Neighbors, Mexico City, Famous, MundoNOW
PHOTO Shutterstock

He also pointed out that the alleged aggressor remains at large and furthermore, continues to send threats against the actress.

Yael Duval is a 33-year-old actress who initially began her career as a model before focusing on acting, undergoing studies in this artistic field.

Duval’s most notable work includes a series on the Televisa network, ‘Vecinos,’ in which she appeared in seasons 10 and 11.

In this comedy program, Yael Duval portrayed the character ‘Alondra,’ sharing the screen with actors such as César Bono, Eduardo España, Mayrín Villanueva, and Macaria.

She would have separated from her partner

Yael Duval, Pregnant, Televisa, Neighbors, Mexico City
PHOTO Instagram Capture

According to the ‘El Heraldo de México’ portal, the actress was married to a man identified as Anuar Narchi Monroy.

The same man is pointed out as the alleged aggressor seen in the circulating video on social media.

The aforementioned media outlet also states that Duval separated from him and reported him to authorities in Mexico City for physical, emotional, and psychological violence.

The celebrity has nearly 50 thousand followers on

She has not made any statements

Duval also serves as the founder and CEO of an advertising company named ‘Nephalem’ in Mexico City.

According to information from ‘El Heraldo de México,’ Duval is also a mother of two children, of whom their ages are unknown.

So far, the actress has not made any statements regarding the circulating video on social media.

Similarly, there is no further information available about the assault case of which she was allegedly a victim, according to the images shared on social media.

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