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Miami man is accused of robbing and sexually assaulting two women

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  • Yadir Alejandro Góngora is accused of robbery and sexual assault.
  • He posed as an Uber driver in Miami.
  • His victims were two Ecuadorian tourists.

Two Ecuadorian women were terrified when they mistakenly got into a fake Uber in Miami, Florida.

The tourists were sightseeing in the city and left a club in the Wynwood area around 3 a.m.

They got into Yadir Alejandro Góngora’s black SUV, the Miami Beach Police Department said in its arrest report.

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Sergeant Cornejo, Carlos Cornejo, police, Colorado, MundoNOW

According to what the two women told police, they thought Góngora would take them to their hotel on the beach, but he stopped on the way.

In their sworn statement, they say that the man took advantage of the fact that one of them fell asleep to steal her purse and hand it off to another unidentified suspect.

The woman lost her credit cards, ID, iPhone and passport. But the man didn’t stop there.

He allegedly attempted to sexually assault the other passenger but she told police that she resisted and he eventually gave up.

Police quickly located Yadir Alejandro Góngora

Miami, women, tourists, Ecuadorians, beach
PHOTO: Miami Beach Court

He then took the women to their hotel in Miami Beach and left. They immediately called police.

Police quickly located Yadir Alejandro Góngora by tracking the location of the victims’ phone.

Góngora denied the accusations against him, without suspecting that the authorities were aware of his shady past.

According to Miami-Dade police records, he was arrested in September for armed robbery, but it is unknown how he managed to avoid prison.

Góngora claimed he only stopped so one of the women could vomit

Yadir Alejandro Góngora, man, Hispanic, arrested, USA
PHOTO: Miami Beach Court

Yadir Alejandro Góngora  claimed «the only time he stopped before reaching the hotel was to allow one of the victims to vomit,» police wrote in their report.

He was transferred to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and has been charged with sexual assault and armed robbery.

His bail was set at $30,000, but the court ordered him to remain in prison.

This is due to his record of armed robbery.

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