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Woman arrested for taking dead uncle to bank to get a loan

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Woman took uncle's corpse to the bank - Mujer llevó cadaver
Woman takes dead uncle to the bank (Photo: X capture / World Alert News
  • Woman takes dead uncle to the bank.
  • She tried to take out a loan in his name.
  • Police arrest Érika de Souza.

A woman was arrested at a bank in Bangu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

She attempted to take out a loan, amounting to about $3,200, using her deceased uncle’s corpse.

Érika de Souza brought her uncle up to the teller window in a wheelchair.

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Érika de Souza was arrested for bank fraud

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Érika de Souza attempted to make it seem like her deceased uncle was signing the loan papers.

The incident, captured by the bank’s security cameras, shows her attempting to manipulate his hand to hold a pen and sign the necessary documentation.

The bank employees, realizing something was very wrong, began recording the event and quickly contacted the police.

De Souza is heard saying, «I can’t sign for you, it has to be you. What I can do, I do.»

Woman takes her deceased uncle to try to get a bank loan

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Photo: Shutterstock

The video shows her trying to hold the pen in her uncle’s hand, while a bank employee comments, «He didn’t hold it, he dropped it.»

The bank employees finally confronted de Souza and one said, «I think he isn’t feeling well.»

The employee noted the man’s abnormal skin color, to which de Souza replied, «But he’s like that.»

Souza attempted to continue the charade by speaking to her uncle’s corpse: «Uncle, uncle… If you don’t get better we’ll have to go to the hospital.»

Police were called to the scene

dead uncle bank loan, brazil, news, crime
PHOTO: Getty Images via MundoNOW Archive

Undeterred, she placed the pen back in his hand again, saying, «I want you to do it again.»

Finally, the police arrived at the scene and confirmed that the man was not alive.

An investigation was opened not only to confirm Érika de Souza’s relationship to the deceased, but also to determine if she might be involved in her uncle, Paulo Roberto Braga’s, death

The Bangu community is disturbed by the disturbing incident.

Shock in Brazil over the macabre incident

dead uncle bank loan, brazil, news, crime
Photo: X Capture / Alerta Mundial News

This incident reflects a desperate act perhaps influenced by the economic crisis affecting many in the region.

Police continue to investigate the details of the case of the woman who brought her dead uncle to the bank to get a loan.

They are working to determine the cause of Braga’s death and any other crimes associated with the incident.

This case will undoubtedly remain in the memory of the locals for a long time, as a grim reminder of the depth of human desperation. See the video where the woman brings her dead uncle to the bank HERE.

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