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Woman is stabbed to death by a co-worker in a jealous rage at a bar in Brazil

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Woman is stabbed to death, bar, Brazil, murder, MundoNOW
Woman is stabbed to death (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Woman is stabbed to death former co-worker.
  • The murder took place at a bar in Brazil.
  • The women had been feuding.

In Brazil, a woman murdered her former co-worker at a bar.

Ana Beatriz Sousa Machado was stabbed to death by a former co-worker after a personal dispute that escalated over Instagram, reports indicate.

The chilling video is circulating on X (formerly Twitter).

The shocking images have gone viral.

Woman stabbed to death by former co-worker in a bar

Woman is stabbed to death, murder, Aggression, Ex-colleague, Work,
PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to reports, the crime occurred on Sunday, January 7, in a bar located on Rua Fortunato Simplício Costa, in Bairro Novo Horizonte in Marabá, Brazil.

According to E-Consulta, the victim, Ana Beatriz, 23, was having fun with friends at the establishment.

At some point Sara Nunes Ferreira passed by and the two got into an argument.

Ferreira left the scene but returned later and attacked Beatriz with a knife.

The two women had run-ins before

Enmity, Instagram, Dispute, Violent, Brazil
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Sara approached Ana and immediately the two women began having a physical altercation, according to Redetv

She wound up stabbing her several times in front of everyone at the bar.

According to reports, both women worked at a cell phone repair company, from which Sara was recently fired.

It is speculated that their feud had begun when they were working together.

How did the fatal argument start?

 Investigation, Delegate, Witnesses, Flagrancy,

Apparently, Sara, the alleged attacker, began to harass Ana Beatriz when was passing by the bar and saw her sitting outside with friends.

After the initial argument, Ana started following Sara’s boyfriend on Instagram, which enraged her former co-worker.

Sara returned to the bar with a knife shortly after, lunged at Ana Beatriz and stabbed her multiple times.

After committing the crime, Sara remained on the corner in front of the bar, still holding the weapon, where she was arrested by authorities.

Sara Nunes Ferreira did not resist arrest

MundoNow, ambulance, speed, reports
PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to E-Consulta someone managed to separate Sara from Ana Beatriz, who was bleeding.

Despite the rapid intervention of emergency personnel, she died on the way to the hospital.

Sara Nunes Ferreira was detained and now faces murder charges.

She could spend up to 30 years in prison if found guilty, authorities report, according to Milenio.

The murder is still being investigated

judge, ruling, investigation, bad
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Delegate of the Civil Police, Vinícius Cardoso das Neves, has announced police are still investigating to determine exactly what happened.

They are looking into the feud between the two women and determining if there was any additional element that could have motivated the violent attack.

The delegate reported that witnesses to the crime will be questioned within 10 days. «Eyewitnesses present at the establishment will also be interviewed.»

Warning: Disturbing content. To see the video of the attack click HERE. To see photos of the victim and her attacker click HERE.

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