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Woman sets her husband on fire in the middle of a shop in Brazil

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Woman set fire to husband (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Woman sets her husband on fire in Rio de Janeiro.
  • It was all caught on surveillance video.
  • André Chapeta died 4 days later.

A woman in Brazil set her husband on fire inside a fish market and the whole thing was caught on video.

The civil police of Brazil are investigating the disturbing incident.

Local media report that authorities detained Ana María Paixaõ and she will remain in custody while they continue to investigate.

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Photo: MundoNOW

A woman set her husband on fire in Brazil

Brazil, domestic violence, crime of passion, shocking event, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

In a shocking turn of events, a heinous incident inside a fish market in Brazil has horrified social media.

A woman poured a bottle of flammable liquid on her husband and set him on fire in the middle of the shop.

The most disturbing thing is that the entire thing was caught on surveillance video, stunning the public and authorities with the brutality of the incident.

Brazil’s civil police are investigating what happened.

Why did Ana María Paixaõ set her husband on fire?

woman set husband on fire, brazil, domestic violence, crime

Photo: Shutterstock

According to initial reports, the incident occurred during an apparent argument between the couple inside the shop.

The video shows Ana María Paixão pouring a bottle of liquid on her husband, André Chapeta.

He ran desperately as his clothes began to catch fire.

The authorities responded quickly, and emergency personnel rushed him to the hospital.

What happened to André Chapeta?

woman set husband on fire, brazil, domestic violence, crime
Photo: Shutterstock

André Chapeta was treated at the hospital but he died from his injuries in the early hours of Friday, December 8.

According to the Daily Mail, he sustained burns over 92 percent of his body and did not survive the attack.

At this time, his wife remains in police custody while Brazil’s civil police investigate what happened.

It appears the argument may have been sparked by jealousy.

Addressing domestic violence in Brazil

 toxic relationships, safety protocols, local media, psychology, tragedy
Photo: Shutterstock

The impact of this event has resonated throughout Brazil, generating a debate about domestic violence and the need to address this problem more effectively.

Human rights organizations have expressed concern and have urged the authorities to take firm measures.

Local media reported that the couple’s 30-year relationship was allegedly marked by episodes of domestic violence.

In addition, Paixão told investigators that she had been beaten before setting Chapeta on fire and was acting in self defense.

How is the investigation going?

Justice, tensions in the couple, extreme violence, protection
Photo: Shutterstock

This incident has also revived the debate about safety in public places, since the incident occurred in a fish market.

Store owners are now reviewing their safety protocols and considering additional measures.

They highlighted that Paixão’s version of events does not match what is shown on the video.

«What she says is not what the image shows. The image shows the victim sitting in a chair. She arrives, coldly, throws the liquid and sets him on fire,» the head of the Civil Police, Flávio Ferreira said.

What do police say?

commercial establishment, social debate, shocking news, recorded event
Photo: Shutterstock

Ferreira stated that she was not in any danger at the time of the attack.

«She was not at that moment in a vulnerable situation, she was not in a situation in which she would be imminently attacked,» he explained.

«On the contrary, as I said, he was sitting and posed no risk to her physical integrity at that moment,» he said.

This case has highlighted the urgent need to address domestic violence comprehensively and to strengthen mechanisms to prevent similar tragedies.

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