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Woman hid her mother’s body in a freezer — she finally confessed her unbelievable motive

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  • A dramatic incident shocked a community in Florida.
  • A woman hid her mother’s body in a freezer.
  • When police made the terrifying find, the woman ended up confessing why she did it.

Chilling incident shocks a Florida community. A woman hid her mother’s body in a freezer in her home until police discovered what she had done. When questioned, the accused confessed her unbelievable motive.

Florida authorities accused a woman of not reporting her mother’s death for more than two months, after the body of the nonagenarian was found in a freezer in the house they both shared, the AP reported on Saturday, July 9.

She bought a freezer and hid her mother’s corpse

He bought a freezer and hid his mother's corpse

Michele Hoskins, 64, was arrested on Thursday and is also charged with tampering with evidence. The body of her mother Marie Hoskins, 93, was found after a welfare check was carried out on April 28, according to Newsweek.

Sebastian police later determined that the woman had kept her mother’s body hidden for about two months after she died of natural causes. In the end, Michele admitted to investigators that she found her mother dead in her bedroom and she kept her body «for the concern she would not be able to receive her disability benefits.»

She ended up confessing why she did it

In the interrogation he ended up confessing why he did it

The AP also reported that Michele Hoskins told investigators that she bought the freezer and put her mother’s body inside in order to continue receiving her mother’s disability payments. However, her disturbing strategy did not work for long.

The police department said an inquest showed the mother died of natural causes and had been dead for two weeks before her body was put in the freezer. Investigators searching the property found a stained mattress hidden in thick brush and covered with severed palm fronds, but it was not clear how it is linked to the case, the AP and Newsweek reported.

How much is her bail?

How much was your bail set at?
Photo: Getty

Both outlets specified that Michele Hoskins is detained in the Indian River County jail and bail was set at $10,000. Online jail records do not indicate that she has an attorney after committing the heinous act.

Newsweek recalled that the Hoskins case is not the first recorded in the last year in which someone hid his dead relative for the purpose of committing fraud. In December, Kimberly Heller, 54, of Bedford, New Hampshire was arrested for allegedly hiding her mother’s body to try to continue cashing Social Security checks.

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