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Mexican woman tells how she discovered her husband was gay after 9 years of marriage

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  • Woman discovers her husband’s infidelity in the worst way.
  • A life coach shares one of her followers’ stories.
  • Mexicana reveals how she found out her husband was gay.

A video that was shared on TikTok and Facebook caused a stir and went viral when a user decided to share how she discovered that her husband was gay after nine years of marriage.

The video was shared by TikToker and Life Coach, Marisela Ruiz, who is originally from Sinaloa. She shared the anecdote of one of her followers through a ‘story time’. In the video, she explains that she never realized that her partner was gay.

A Mexican woman discovers that her husband is gay

Mexican discovers gay husband
Photo: Twitter

«I never suspected, there was never any indication that told me ‘he looks gay’. In retrospect, maybe there were little things that let me see that he was a little gay, but at the time I didn’t look at those,» began Marisela Ruiz describing what happened to one of her followers.

The TikToker explained that the girl pointed out that her husband was not effeminate at all nor did he do anything that indicated he liked men. He really liked helping his wife get ready to go out but she didn’t pay any attention to that.

They had been married for nine years she never suspected anything

Mexican discovers gay husband
Photo: Facebook

“When I dyed my hair, he told me: ‘Love, I’ll help you put the dye on.’ And and I said okay, but I took it as something a couple does. After that he asked me if I would like him to help me dry my hair and from there, if I wanted help curling it. And the truth was that it did not look bad,» the Sinaloan went on.

She later revealed that they had a family, which was another reason why she never suspected that her husband might be gay, «We had two girls. When that happened one was six years old and the other eight years old, so here’s how I found out it was gay… I began to suspect that something was wrong because he started to come home late. He told me that he had to stay late at work and then through people who worked with him I found out that it was not true.” Filed Under: Mexican discovers husband is gay

Mexican TikToker shares one of her followers’ experiences

Mexican Tiktoker shared the experience of one of her followers
Photo: Facebook

“It was very hard for me to believe that he was unfaithful to me because that was what was going through my mind but obviously, with a woman, not with a man. I started calling work when he told me he was going to be late and he wasn’t there. One day he told me that he went to the restaurant and I swore I was going to catch him on the move,»  continued Marisela Ruiz.

«I went to his work and saw that he was dating one of the male employees. It occurred to me that they were going to have a drink with some old women, but it never occurred to me that something was happening between them. It turns out that I followed them to a hotel and they parked, and I decided to rent a room close to them and I heard everything,» the TikToker continued. Filed Under: Mexican discovers husband is gay.

The wife caught her husband in bed with a man

The wife caught her partner with another man in full swing
Photo: Facebook

“Our sex life was not passionate, but it was not the worst either. But at that moment I heard the most passionate man in the world… At that moment my life was destroyed because, for me, I had the ideal man, I was very much in love with him. Obviously I went to the room, I knocked down the door, I grabbed him, he knelt down and apologized to me. I had to go to therapy, I hated him for a long time.

Finally, the life coach from Sinaloa pointed out that her follower stated that, «Today we are fine and after so long I laugh at this.» The video immediately went viral on social media since it was such an unusual case. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE. Filed Under: Mexican discovers husband is gay

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