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Woman dies after doctor prescribes laxatives, ignoring more serious symptoms

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  • Louise Gemma Gray died after being prescribed laxatives.
  • Months later, she died of terminal cancer.
  • She had previously been treated for cervical cancer.

A woman dies after misdiagnosis. She visited her doctor complaining of constipation and stomach issues. He prescribed laxatives and, although this did help her constipation, he failed to diagnose her fatal disease. Now her shocked and grieving family is demanding justice.

No one ever imagined that her death would come so quickly. Although she had previously been diagnosed with cancer, the family says that she was “cheated” by a misdiagnosis and now she has left five children orphaned. The story has devastated the community.


Die constipation laxatives
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It all started in April of this year. Louise Gemma Gray, 34, went to her GP complaining of constipation and bleeding. He prescribed laxatives despite the fact that she had previously undergone surgery to remove cervical cancer cells, according to her family.

According to The Sun, the woman from Peterlee, Durham County, felt very ill for the next five months and she even lost control of her bowel movements before finally being rushed to the hospital.


United States woman dies
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According to The Sun, at the hospital, Gray was diagnosed with liver cancer, bowel cancer and cervical cancer. Because they had gone untreated for so long, there was not much doctors could do.

Tragically, she died just six weeks later. Her five children are now orphans and her family blames the doctor who did not encourage further testing when she first complained about her symptoms. Filed Under: cancer misdiagnosis laxatives


Die constipation laxatives
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Her aunt Judith Spence, 51, told The Mirror: “Louise was absolutely hysterical because she didn’t know what was going on — they sent her home with no care, with nobody there for her — the first week was horrendous.”

And she added about the overwhelming loss: “Something needs to be done, it cant bring Louise back, but raising awareness could save someone else’s life. We feel very angry and frustrated. They treated her like a hypochondriac.” Filed Under: cancer misdiagnosis laxatives


United States woman dies
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Faced with this terrible situation, Judith has launched a GoFundMe to raise money for Louise’s children, who are between three and 16 years old. She also wants to help pay for her funeral, since it is not cheap to complete the paperwork to give her an honorable farewell as every family member would like to do to their deceased.

She said: “It’s been absolutely devastating for them, the two oldest have been there and seen it all. We have all been totally heartbroken and traumatized by everything that has happened and we would love to say goodbye to her, her children will never forget the help, seeing how loved her mother truly was.”Filed Under: cancer misdiagnosis laxatives

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