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Witness describes horror during El Salvador stampede

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  • 12 people were killed in a stampede at a soccer match in El Salvador.
  • A witness describes the horror.
  • Were the attendees being scammed?

The match between Alianza and FAS in the quarterfinals of the El Salvador league ended in tragedy after fans began to stampede. At least 12 people were killed in the Cuscatlán Stadium during a soccer match between Alianza and Fas.

This happened because the stadium security personnel closed the only two access doors, and the crowd of fans who were entering the field were trapped in different sectors, crushed by those who were coming in behind them.

Tragedy in El Salvador

PHOTO: Instagram

When the classic Alianza against Fas was played on Saturday night, tragedy struck. The security team in the Cuscatlán stadium closed the only two access doors and the stampede of fans who tried to burst onto the field to watch the game wound up being crushed.

Despite the screams, people continued to try to push forward. People began falling to the ground, and others were trapped without air.

They tried to save those they could

They tried to save those they could
PHOTO: Instagram

More than 20 ambulances were working at the scene and a large number of critically injured were taken to hospitals. This incident will be remembered for a long time. In addition, the match was suspended.

A man who was inside the stadium described what he experienced and said scalpers were to blame for selling too many tickets.

A witness describes the El Salvador stampede

Witness stampede El Salvador: Horrible experience
PHOTO: Instagram

«They sold fake, purple and red tickets at the same price. I bought someone purple tickets and that’s when I questioned, they caused this, the board, those deaths are the board’s fault, let’s be clear,» said a witness.

«There were two gates and not a gate, they were home gates for 4,000, 5,000 people, we were playing against Fas, the quarterfinals, they knew the stadium was going to fill up like in a final, they closed the stadium 25 minutes before, people began to push.»

They tried to save themselves

Witness stampede El Salvador: They did everything to save themselves
PHOTO: Instagram

«People began to push the gate because they wanted to live, they did not want to watch the game, my son was crushed by 20, I thought he was leaving me and I only came to see Alianza. How are people going to come with two doors for five thousand people? There are dead people here,» said another fan, «I escaped to save myself, I thought my son had left me.»

Another person stated that she saved a girl from being crushed in the stampede. The little girl’s mother is one of those who died in the Cuscatlán stadium. «It’s very sad that the children were suffocated.»

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