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Milwaukee man arrested in Miami for sex trafficking

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Stelio Kalkounos indicted for sex trafficking (Photo: Shutterstock / Broward County Sheriff's Office)
  • Stelio Kalkounos was arrested in Miami.
  • He is charged with sex trafficking.
  • He is a restaurateur from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Stelio Kalkounos, a managing partner of the Five O’Clock Steakhouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been arrested again.

He was apprehended in Broward County, Florida, and faces serious accusations of child sex trafficking.

Kalkounos, who had previously been convicted of a similar crime, could spend the rest of his life in prison if found guilty of the new charges.

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Stelio Kalkounos has a criminal record

In 2006, Kalkounos pleaded guilty to traveling to another state to engage in commercial sexual act with a minor. He received a 46 month-sentence and was required to register as a sex offender..

Kalkounos was arrested again earlier this week at a hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

He now faces additional charges of sex trafficking a minor and production of child sexual abuse material, according to ABC 12.

Timothy M. O’Shea, Federal Prosecutor for the Western District of Wisconsin, provided a detailed statement regarding the charges against Stelio Kalkounos.

Kalkounos faces more sex trafficking charges

Stelio Kalkounos, Wisconsin, sexual crimes, arrest, MundoNOW
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O’Shea revealed that the formal indictment against Kalkounos was issued by a federal grand jury in Madison, Wisconsin, on May 15, 2024, and was made public after his arrest in Florida.

He emphasized that these crimes, if proven, demonstrate a pattern of predatory behavior and an ongoing threat to the community.

The statement also praised the collaboration between various agencies that led to Kalkounos’s arrest.

O’Shea reported that Kalkounos was arrested at a hotel in Hollywood, Florida, and made his first appearance before the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Where is he now?

sex trafficking, minors, child pornography, Broward, MundoNOW
PHOTO Shutterstock

Currently, Kalkounos is detained in Broward County Jail awaiting transport to the United States District Court in Madison.

O’Shea detailed the possible sentence that Kalkounos faces.

If found guilty of the charge of sex trafficking of a minor, Kalkounos could receive a minimum sentence of 10 years and up to life in federal prison.

Additionally, for the charge of production of child sexual abuse material, he faces a minimum sentence of 25 years and a maximum of 50 years in prison.

Authorities ask for help from the community

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In his statement, O’Shea also called on the community to cooperate with any relevant information about Kalkounos.

The FBI has urged anyone with knowledge of Kalkounos’s acts to contact their office in Milwaukee.

The statement from Timothy M. O’Shea underscores the seriousness of the charges against Stelio Kalkounos and the determination of the authorities to ensure that he faces the legal consequences for his actions.

The community can be assured that the authorities are working diligently to protect minors and prevent future crimes.

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